Researchers Develop Synthetic Melanin As An Alternate For Hair Dyes

Researchers Develop Synthetic Melanin As An Alternate For Hair Dyes

Published: 23-Nov-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The hair dyeing has always been considered to be a risk when used at home or salons. These products are risky due to increasing case of allergies or other skin irritation. Around 1% of the public are found to be allergic to dye.Additionally, the increasing use of dyes is found to cause cancer. However, it has been found that an alternative is much needed for list of salons and hair color lovers in need for natural alternatives to cosmetics and dyes. Recently a team from Northwestern University has developed a new means of forming a spectrum of natural hair colors right from blond to black with the help of enzymes to catalytically produce melanin. This study published in Chemistry of Materialsprovides a holistic overview of the in vitro production of melanin which is an puzzling and ubiquitous material.

In the humans, melanin is found to help with vision and also in protecting skin cells from ultraviolet light. In birds, the pigment is used for color display just like observed in the peacock. Generally to add color to the hair, the stylists bleach out melanin from the hair, add ammonia plus dye to open the hair cuticles for the permanent color to penetrate. This process inspired the researchers to use melanin in hair dye. Additionally, the researchers are currently trying to look for means to replace melanin instead of removing it and adding colors within the hair. They are looking for a more suitable and sustainable way of adding lasting color only to the surface of the hair. The researchers thus combined mushroom enzymes with an amino acid that will mimic a process that naturally occurs in the body.

Moreover, the researchers found the new color layer to withstand several washes. Even though the dye processing is similar to that of a stylists the milder conditions is found to increase its time. The need for a base, chemical pigments, and other harmful products is a complete no. As the melanin is already present in the body, the chance of it causing allergies is impossible. The benefits of synthetic melanin coating from protecting the hair from sunlight help delay whitening and other damages. From the commercial perspective, as market for the people with a hair dye allergy is increasing this is a breakthrough solution.

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