Researchers Find A Shape Memory Possessing Wool-Like Material

Researchers Find A Shape Memory Possessing Wool-Like Material

Published: 18-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Hair straightening is a quite cumbersome task as it is very time-consuming and also difficult to get the curls straightened. However, there are times when even a little bit of water can ruin the straightening. The moment water touches the hair it tends to straighten as hair tends to have a shape memory. The material properties is the major reason behind the change in shape in response to specific stimuli and thereby, pushing hair back to its original shape. The researchers are currently looking for such similar properties in other textiles as well. The shape memory is something that researchers plan to integrate into t-shirts wherein it will open when exposed to moisture and close when dry. Furthermore, this clothing will be made such that it will shrink as per an individual’s measurement.

A team from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has made a sustainable material that can be 3D printed into any contour and pre-coded with alterable shape memory. Keratin is the material the researchers hauled out from discarded Agora wool that is generally used in textile production. The basic goal is to lower the waste in the fashion industry as it is polluting the planet to a greater extent. Thus, many designers are using materials like wool to help keep the Earth safe and pollutant-free. The use of wool is being encouraged as it can be easily recycled and build newer products using the recycled versions.

For sustainability of natural resources, the implication of this new study is very essential. The recycled keratin protein can help stop hurting the animals and also reduce the impact on the environment because of the textile or fashion industry. The study published in Nature Materials shows exploitation of keratin’s shape-changing abilities through thorough investigation of its hierarchical structure. The single chain of keratin is spiraled to form protofilaments that eventually develop fibers. This alpha helix structure possesses high strength and shape memory. Furthermore, the external stimuli on the stretched or relaxed fiber form stable beta-sheets.

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