Researchers Find A Way To Determine If Metformin Is Right For You?

Researchers Find A Way To Determine If Metformin Is Right For You?

Published: 24-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

For low blood sugar levels, metformin is the first-line medicationthat is prescribed to the type 2 diabetes sufferers. However, studies have shown one third of the subjects to not react to metformin treatment and around 5% patients to experience severe side effects. Thus, the use of is medication is majorly avoided by both doctors and the patients. But, the researchers from the Lund University have spotted biomarkers that can beforehand show the patient’s response to metformin treatment through a self-effacing blood test. The fundamental goal is to achieve personalized care for diabetes patients for ensuring that the right individual gets the right treatment or care immediately after the diagnosis.

There are times when even diet and exercising seem insufficient in regulating the blood sugar levels and thus, here is where metformin comes as the first line of drug introduced to treat type 2 diabetes. Moreover, this drug is the first one introduced as per the international guidelines to treat type 2 diabetes. The intended effects of metformin as made patients look for other alternative drugs to lower their blood sugar levels. As the correct treatment is not received at the right time there are chances of more complications occurring due to the elevated levels of blood sugar.

Most cumbersome task for the medical professionals is to allotting the right medication to individual as per the responding levels and thus, it is important that patient’s undergo proper diagnosis for better outcome. The researchers have found the epigenetic factors, such as DNA methylation, to have the potential to be used as biomarkers to analyze the effect of a drug. It is the first time, the pharmacoepigenetics that is usually used in cancer treatment to predict an individual’s response to treatment will be used in diabetes care. The DNA methylations will help understand the body response to the diabetic drug and thereby advance personalized therapy in type 2 diabetes.

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