16-Sep-2020 | Market Research Store

A research team from the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Francis Crick Institute, and UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (ICH) have cultivated human intestinal grafts with help of stem cells obtained from patient tissue. This new approach is believed to develop customized transplant treatment for children having intestinal failure issues. In children with intestinal failure, the major problem is the lack of absorption of nutrients and this is found to have an impact on the overall growth and health of the children. Intestinal failure issues usually occur as a result of some disease or injury to the smaller intestine.

Currently, the intravenous feeding through a process known as parenteral nutrition is possible. However, there are other severe complications like infection and liver failure that follow. Here is where, the need for a transplant comes into play. But, due to the shortage in donor organs and post-surgery risks the chances of body rejecting transplant is high. The latest study has shown the use of intestinal stem cells or small intestine or colonic tissue to help grow the inner lining of the small intestine in the lab with excellent digestion, peptide absorption, and sucrose digestion. It is believed offer a safe and long-lasting substitute to the donor transplants.

The issues arising from the parental nutrition has urged researchers to look for new alternatives for children without a working intestine. The development of a single layer intestine is predicted to help form regenerative medicine. Furthermore, the use of patient’s own intestinal stem cells reduces the chances of attacking of the transplant by the immune system. The new study of developing mini-guts or intestinal organoids and placing them onto the scaffolds of intestinal remains removed from the patients helped develop a living graft. The stem cells changed into different types of cells present in the intestine with a better digestion and absorption capacity. There is still more research required before translating this approach into a treatment.

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