31-Aug-2015 | Market Research Store

Ceramics are the nonmetallic, inorganic solid which is used in a wide range due to the strength and hardness. It has a high melting point and no chemical.

The ceramic material is used for making many thazings such as Microwave ovens, knives, phones and many other things.

Groups of ceramic materials: This ceramic material is categorized into three groups they are Refractory, Clay and Glass ceramics.

  • Refractory: Ceramic is used as a durable in the building materials and also used in furnace. This refractory material is highly heat resistant, which is used in high temperature reactors, processing units and furnaces. This highly withstands the corrosion which takes place by the chemical agent. It gives the containment of substance when they are at high temperature. The products which are made of the refractory material are divided into two types. They are bricks, fusion cast blocks and bricks used for construction; plastics, gunning mixes and castables. Carbides of silicon, calcium, oxides of magnesium and zirconium are the refractory ceramic materials. They withstand the chemical corrosion, thermal stress and high temperature. 
  • Clay: Generally, ceramic is made by the mixture of clay, powder, water, earthen elements, which can be molded into different shapes. After molding this clay into the desired shape, then it is heated in high temperature which is called as klin and finally it’s come as a hard substance. And this ceramics are decorated by painting them with the water proof paints called as a glaze. It has high resistance of chemical and thermal. These are high resistivity, density and dielectric power. Stoneware and porcelain are the two constituents of clay ceramics.
  • Glass Ceramics: Glass has the same structure like the liquids, which is extracted by without crystallization from the liquid. If the glass is overheated in the furnace then it will lead to glass ceramics. This is the transparent material and chemically inert and inactive. The cookwares are made up of using this product so it is more benefited to keep the hot pan into the refrigerator immediately. It is the best conductor of heat. The structure is made up of many crystalline which is bounded inside the non crystalline matrix, these materials have the same properties of glass. Compared to glass, Ceramic expands when it is heated. Their special feature is helped to use it many useful things like wood stoves, windows.  

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