Russian President Putin has declared State of Emergency

Russian President Putin has declared State of Emergency

Published: 05-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Putin has declared state of emergency owing to the oil spill in the Arctic Circle. The fuel tank at a power plant near the Siberian city of Norilsk collapsed and caused the oil spill. The officials learnt about the incident after two days thus leading to the president’s anger. The owner of the plant is a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, which is the chief nickel and palladium producer on the global platform.

The head of the company was harshly criticized by the president over the late response.

Mr. Putin was not at all happy by the fact that the government agencies took two days time to know about the incident. He also questioned about the dependence of social media to know about any emergency condition.

These statements were a result since Alexander Uss, region's governor, made the statement that he became aware about this oil spill after it was posted on the social media.

Investigation about the accident has been ordered by the President Putin and the manager has been detained.

The oil has been drifted to some 12km which is about 7.5 miles from site of accident turning crimson red the long stretches of the Ambarnaya River.

As it has been declared as state of emergency extra forces are being assigned to the area for assisting the clean-up operation.

An expert from the World Wildlife Fund has suggested that the accident is the modern Russian history’s second largest in terms of volume. According to the media report, approximately 350 sq km (135 sq mile) area has been contaminated.

There has been incidents were Norilsk Nickel has been involved in oil spillage accidents.

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