SaskPower Plans To Install Smart Industrial And Commercial Meters In Thousands

SaskPower Plans To Install Smart Industrial And Commercial Meters In Thousands

Published: 19-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

SaskPower has plans to install 20,000 new smart meters around Saskatchewan at businesses and industrial sites. The Crown Corporation is carrying out its plan to move towards a smart grid where it will replace existing power meters with smart grids. The new meters are built only at commercial and industrial locations.

Currently the Crown has no timetable for smart meter residential installations. More than 105,000 smart meters were recalled and uninstalled in 2014 after 10 fires were blamed.

New facilities are restricted to commercial and industrial meters owing to more expensive commercial meters than domestic meters. Sensus, the company responsible for providing the units, is partnering with SaskPower to establish a residential smart meter concept.

The announcement comes after Pilot 2's successful completion earlier this year, bringing the total smart meters deployed across the province to over 8,000. The commercial and industrial program is an early step for Saskatchewan to build a smart grid. This will mean fewer power outages for consumers in the future, more reliable bills, and it will also enable SaskPower to add more clean, self-generated power to the grid.

Residential smart meters for homes are not expected until SaskPower selects a meter which fits Saskatchewan's current, more stringent safety requirements.

It was reported that industrial smart meters industry would reach around USD 300 million across the globe by 2026.