Scientists Develop A New Carbon Dioxide Capturing Material

Scientists Develop A New Carbon Dioxide Capturing Material

Published: 28-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

A team of scientists from Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ExxonMobil, and University of California found a novel material with the competency to capture almost 100% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions let out by the industries. This new technology developed by the energy firm to help tackle the carbon emitted by power plants that work on natural gas is definitely a promising discovery that could save our eroding environment. The supreme eye-catching feature of this technology is its reduced temperature steam or energy requirement to capture carbon. The new material named tetraamine-functionalised metal organic frameworks is currently waiting for patent approval after successful laboratory tests.

The carbon capture capacity of this new material is six times better compared to the generally used amine-based carbon capture technology. Not only does the material use less energy to remove carbon but also helps develop feasible technology for further commercial applications. By just bringing about a few structural changes in the organic metal framework of the material has helped researchers convert the football field-sized material into 1 Gm massed sponge that could capture emitted carbon. This potential carbon capture solution captures carbon dioxide from various sources even in the presence of water vapor without any oxidation.

This newly developed hybrid porous material is likely to commercialize in the coming days owing to its low requirement of heating and cooling and more CO2 captures. The researchers plan to have this new material added to the portfolio of lower-emissions energy solutions. At present, tetraamine-functionalised metal organic frameworks is one of the materials ExxonMobil is researching so as to combat the increasing levels of CO2 in the air.

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