08-Jun-2021 | Market Research Store

Researchers have successfully discovered a novel approach, known as 'key-hole surgery', for extracting metals underneath the earth’s surface. Dr. Rich Crane, who is a senior lecturer in Sustainable Mining, has worked with a team of international researchers to develop a new technique for extracting metals such as copper from beneath the crust layer of the earth. The researchers have evidence that the novel electric field-based technique is efficient in controlling the motion of an acid in a less permeable copper ore deposit. This leads to the proper dissipation of the procured metals at the mining site.

There is a huge demand for developing the ‘key-hole survey’ method of mining as the conventional methods are sabotaging and labor-intensive. In physical mining, an enormous quantity of undue material is evacuated and after the extraction of metals, the gangue material needs to be dumped. However, the researchers claim that the innovative approach can revolutionize the field of mining, as this method can dissolve metals from the huge reserves, which was unapproachable.

Earlier, the mining of these metals was near to impossible owing to the inability of the physical method to accomplish the desired outcome. But the researchers believe that this approach will significantly improve the future operations of the mining process. The swift establishment of renewable sources of energy and the growing adoption of autonomous electric vehicles have tried to combat the carbon emission rate globally. Therefore, explosion-free mining approaches are required. The chemical-based mining approach is likely to cause negligible harm to the environment for extracting such vital metals from the earth.

Dr. Rich, also a leading author of this research, stated that this newly developed technology can be a boon to the mining industry. The approach can help in the hassle-free extraction of copper from the ore, as it is one of the vital metals that supports clean energy and make a green economy. While developing this new mining method, the researchers have considered that the balance of the ecological cycle should not be disturbed.