09-Apr-2021 | Market Research Store

For speeding up the healing process and also for closing the wounds, the doctors generally use sutures. However, there are chances that they may damage the stiff fibers integrated with soft tissues. Taking inspiration from the human tendon, the researchers have created a completely rare product. The Montreal researchers have designed a unique tough gel sheathed (TGS) sutures for better wound healing. Even though these sutures are slippery they contain tough gel coating that mimics the arrangement of soft connective tissues. The TGS sutures have plain gel surface that can avoid the damages. Generally, the traditional sutures are used to hold the wounds together for speeding up the healing process. The rough fibers tend to damage the tissues and cause discomfort as well as post-surgery complications.

The soft tissues and the tough sutures tend to rub causing the damages and this is the reason the scientists from the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre and McGill University are trying to develop new sutures. The new technology developed by the team is a replica of the mechanism of tendons. The endotenon sheath is strong and tough owing to the double-network structure. The sutures contain collagen fibers that help bind and also possess elastin network that strengthens it. Furthermore, the slippery surface helps reduce friction and also deliver vital materials for tissue repair in the injured tendon. The primary goal is to use TGS sutures to deliver personalized medication depending on the patient’s needs.

The latest development is an advanced tool for wound management. The delivering of drugs, monitoring of wounds using near-infrared imaging, and infection prevention is all possible using it. The monitoring of wounds locally and altering the treatment for the faster healing can be done using the TGS sutures. The researchers thus hope to use this advanced technology to enhance the wound healing process in patients with high diabetes, autoimmune diseases, etc.