20-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

Astronomers have unveiledone of the secret mysteries aboutthe cosmos. They have been able to findthe formation of water molecules on asteroids travelling in space.The latest research reported in the journal Nature Astronomystates thatwhen the meteoroids & solar wind come in contact at exceptionally low temperatures they together help water replenish on the asteroids’ surface. Furthermore, the lead authorDr. Katarina Miljkovicfrom the Space Science and Technology Centre at Curtin University in Australia suggested that both thermal shock and electrons are importantto sustainthe supplies of water molecules on asteroids.Thiscomplex process using which water molecules formon an asteroid surface could also be applied on other space bodies having no atmospherelike the moon.

In a NASA-funded project, a team of scientistsstudiedthe sample taken from Murchison meteorite, a meteorite that is likely to have fallen on Australia’s Victoria city around 50 Years ago. The team tried to redothe climatic conditions within an asteroid belt by inspecting the topography of an asteroid. Following which the astronomersused energized electrons to simulatethe outcomes of lasers and solar winds on small meteoroids hitting into the asteroid, while measuringlevels of water moleculesat the asteroid’s surface.With the impact developed by a meteoroid, the reaction triggers flares of solar winds that further stimulate bonds between hydrogen & oxygen atoms, thereby forming water.

On a similar note, Mayor and Queloz1 were the first to state the identification of an exoplanet orbiting around a Sun-like star. The newlarge gaseous exoplanet was found to orbit around its parent star 51 Pegasi and it was named as 51 Pegasi b. According to the existing theory, the icy cold gas giants are usually placed far from their parent stars, but in this scenario it is contradicting. Moreover, Mayor and Queloz observed that the distance between the giant exoplanet and its star was nearly10 times less than the distance between Mercury and the Sun.

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