14-Oct-2021 | Market Research Store

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. hasdeveloped an innovative AI program that supports self-learning and permits the users to compose music on a palette. This program is a cloud-based music program known as Flow Machine Mobile (FM Mobile). This application is available for freeonthe App store.Currently, this app is available in the U.S. and Japan. But the developers are planning to launch the app in Europe. This app is also compatible with a wide range of digital audio workstations known as DAW. This softwarelets users choose tunes from various palettes that are already created by Sony.

How does this Artificial Intelligence music model work? Sony CSL mentioned that as soon as the user presses the compose button available on the device, the AI system wouldprovide the list of cards to choose from and the melodies will be generated automatically. This system provides various parameters that make the music composition a whole new experience, as users can freely adjust the complexity and duration of the melodies. Once the eight-bar melody is developed,the users can save their creation in the system for future use.

After the launch of the music AI system, Sony is now planning to launch two new sensors that are developed using copper connection technology capable enough to provide electrical continuity between the pixel chip and the logic chip with a pixel size of 4.86 micrometers. The company mentioned that these sensors coulddetect fluctuation in the stability and light can be used to identify the defects in the device. Prophesee SA hasdeveloped additional filters that can be equippedwithSony’s sensors to eliminate superfluous events occurring in the device such as flickering of light, adjustment of the volume of data.

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