Soy Protein Concentrate Production Set To Increase In Europe

Soy Protein Concentrate Production Set To Increase In Europe

Published: 19-Feb-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

At its facility in Europoort, The Netherlands, ADM is expanding production of non-GMO soy protein concentrate. That is in accordance with the growing demand in European markets for high-quality plant-based proteins. The Europoort plant recently started manufacturing non-GMO soy protein concentrate in a powder form and is ideal for all food production forms.

The news comes at a time when plant-based proteins are at the center of attention with Market Research Store reporting "The Plant-based Trend" to hit the Worldwide Soy Protein Concentrate Market with projected valuation of the Worldwide Soy Protein Concentrate Market to reach more than USD 3 billion by 2026 by registering growth rate of more than 5% in upcoming years.

This increase in production output contributes to ADM's large inventory of plant-based protein ingredients which, together with ADM's comprehensive program, flavor and application development experience, helps to give consumers an advantage in developing the new food and beverage product developments.

Protein has always been a crucial component in our diets. Increased awareness and availability of knowledge on health and nutrition has led a spike in protein claims across segments of food and beverage. That means consumers today are actively looking for foods and beverages that provide protein because they understand more than ever that it is an essential part of a healthy diet.

ADM maintains an oilseed crush and refining in Europoort in the Netherlands, as well as a sales center for specialized fruit and feed ingredients, a juice mixing processing site in Amsterdam, a specialty ingredient production site in Amsterdam and an additive and spice manufacturing plant in Oss.