19-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

Researchers have lately found soy to contain a metabolite that may decrease a key risk factor for dementia along with the help of a particular bacteria. According to the researchers fromthe University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, the latest study published in the journalAlzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions reports the people having equol, a metabolite produced by the dietary soy to help grow a specific type of gut bacteria that aid in reducing the white matter lesions in the brain. The white matter lesions are majorly observed as risk factor in the cognitive decline cases such as dementia. The study lead Akira Sekikawa has confirmed these lesions to be the major reason behind the increasing mortality rate.

Furthermore, the study has concluded that 50% more white matter lesions can be observed in people lacking equol production when compared to people producing it. This is surprisingly a huge effect. For obtaining valid results, the research team measured the equol levels in the people with normal cognition and abnormal cognition to look for the white matter lesions or amyloid-beta depositions, which are the primary molecular cause of Alzheimer's disease. However, the researchers found the equol production to have no impact on the amyloid-beta deposition levels but instead reduced the white matter lesions. Even the isoflavones which are later metabolized into equols showed no effect on levels of white matter lesions or amyloid-beta.

The most interesting is the formation of equol from soy isoflavones as it is probably the key to offering protective health benefits from a soy-rich diet as the equol production’slink with lower risk of heart disease has already been proved. The heart is believed to have a strong connection with cognitive decline and dementia, thereby confirming equol production to help protect the aging brain and the heart.

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