Stanford Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Vaccine For COVID-19

Stanford Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Vaccine For COVID-19

Published: 11-Jan-2021 | Published By: Market Research Store

Researchers from the Stanford University had developed a vaccine for Ebola,HIV,and pandemic influenza just prior to the pandemic. After which the university labs had to be shut down due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and it is when the researchers shifted their focus on developing a vaccine againstSARS-CoV-2. Even though the coronavirus was out of their expertise, the lead researcher Peter S. Kim and his team managed to develop and test a promising vaccine candidate. The primary goal was to create a single-shot vaccine so as to avoid the need for a cold-chain for storage or any kind of transport. Furthermore, if the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is a success then it is definitely going to be made affordable in the low- and middle-income countries.

The researchers have published their vaccine study in the ACS Central Science wherein they have described details such asvaccine contains characteristic surface spikesof the viruses that are stubbed using nanoparticles (ferritin). The researchers plan to use the spikes as an antigen so as to trigger a stronger immune response in the body. This new nanoparticle vaccine is considered to be not only safe but also easy in terms of subunit vaccine production. However, it is considered that the virus used to deliver the antigen in vaccines is effective compared to using an isolated part of the virus.Additionally, the recently authorized Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are faster to develop than nanoparticle vaccines but the cost and multiple doses of those vaccines are an issue.

It is believed that even a single dose of the Stanford nanoparticle vaccine could initiate COVID-19 immunity. Enticingly, the team is now working on developing a freeze-dried, powder formof the vaccine to ease its storage and transportation at room temperature. The vaccine is still in the early stage and there is more work to be performed for turning this solid start into a positive single-dose vaccine regimen.

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