Study on the Cancer Health Disparities

Study on the Cancer Health Disparities

Published: 14-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The latest research volume on the cancer health equity displays the new developments that will help the researchers to address all the patients with quality care and deal with the health disparities with proper care.

Marvella Ford, Ph.D., commented that this volume will be very helpful as it makes use of health equity method, which highlights the factors concerned with cancer disparities and categorizes the solutions for it. The population sciences and the basic sciences are brought together for dealing with the cancer health equity.

The currently published book, Cancer Health Equity Research, includes two studies made by Ford. The journal consists of the study that showcases the significance of including people from different races in the cancer research. According to Ford, this will lead to better results for the cancer patients’ health, particularly patients dealing with extreme level of cancer. Ford said that with the help of this information the researches can redesign and implement intervention that will reduce cancer disparities and support cancer health equity.

Basically, the researches in the book unveil methods for finding better solutions. In one of the studies where Ford is involved displays how lifestyle of a person impact on the risk of breast cancer. This research was published in Advances in Cancer Research and it showcased the breast cancer possibilities, such as poor physical activities, increased body mass index, and hormone receptor-negative breast cancer.

Ford commented that the volume which is released currently can be considered crucial as the studies that are conducted by the researchers which are published in this latest volume will help them in pinpointing the areas that require development of detailed health interventions. Furthermore, she said that in the US, cancer disparities are recognized as key health problem. The primary aim for this research was to minimize and eliminate them.

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