19-Nov-2020 | Market Research Store

It is probably not a surprise that several people who deal with homelessness have encountered trauma in their lives. Nevertheless, a new research conducted by the University of CalgaryFaculty of Social Work (UOFC) states that anastonishingly large number of people who work with individuals in homeless shelters also encountered trauma on a regular basis.The study wasconducted by scientist Dr. Jeannette Waegemakers Schiffin collaboration withDr. Annette M. Lane of Athabasca University. The study discovered that 33% of those who function in homeless shelters deal with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).The study was published in the Community Mental Health Journal.

“It is really traumatizing to witness or hear about some of the awful things that frontline workers come across, particularly when they have a private relationship, or are trying to aid those involved,” stated Waegemakers Schiff. When the people do not have anyopening for their emotions, things shape over time, and that leads to traumatic stress. There areno policies in any of theagencies that permit workers to take compensated leave following a bad experience.Interestingly, the pace of PTSD encounteredby people employed in homeless shelters is higher than other groups who regularly witness traumatic incidents. For instance, studies stated that 10% to 14% of firefighters, ambulance drivers, and police and 14% to 17% of nurses might experience PTSD.

On a similar note, a new studyprovided information that facing trauma affects the ability to jam bad memories. The individuals exposed to trauma are less prone to suppress unwanted emotional memories owing to behavioral and neural interruptions in their brain that mightadd to the progression of PTSD.This disease is subjected by intense easing of the trauma that is intrusive, repetitive, and incapacitating.

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