21-Oct-2021 | Market Research Store

Nowadays, coffee is in great demand within all the demographics across the world. The traditional approaches of coffee production are not competent enough to fulfill the burgeoning consumption rate of coffee. This concern has urged people to think of an easy alternative of cultivating coffee that is not only equally tasty but also refreshing. In a recent research report, it was published that a team of researchers at the Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully developed coffee by culturing coffee cells in a bioreactor.

Dr.Heiko Rischer, the team lead, stated that this research project ofdeveloping coffee using in vitro approach has been proven are markable opportunity to develop consumer goods with the help of biotechnology. He illustrated that initially, the team cultured different cell lines isolated from coffee plants. Then, the whole culture was transferred to bioreactors to initiate the production of biomass. Later, this biomass was processed by using a roasting process, and the novel biotechnology-based coffee was extracted. Biotechnology, food science, and chemistry departments collaborated on this sustainable agriculture project. The final products developed were validated by various trained sensory panel engineers to test if the taste, aroma, and texture of the laboratory coffee were like the traditional coffee. Rischer mentioned that coffee-making is an optimized art that requires some precise attention and special care to build the perfect product. He also stated that this project is not yet approved by the FDA and cannot be commercialized in the US.

The project will unravel one of the global major challenges of coping up with the rising demand for coffee and will prove cell culture as one of the best and effective approaches toward more sustainable food production. Once biotechnology-based coffee is promoted and commercialized successfully, it would lead to one of the best sustainable future foods available in the market.

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