Telemedicine into New High

Telemedicine into New High

Published: 14-May-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The world is dealing with a very tough situation, COVID-19, but at this time it is technology that is coming as a rescue to various situations. In the healthcare industry, technology is being used for finding cures and vaccinations and it is also being used by the healthcare workers for consultations. Technology is not only being restricted to healthcare sector but it is being used by several people of different domains for productive outputs in this harsh condition of COVID-19. 

This pandemic outbreak has contributed a lot in negative ways but has enabled us to understand the importance and the power of technology that we have discovered to make its ultimate use for our benefits. Even though we are closed within our houses but through technology we are still connected with the world. The importance of technology is primarily understood in the field of telemedicine. 

The recent guidelines by the Center persuaded that maximum use of telemedicine services should be gained which, in turn, helped many of the healthcare workers to deal with this crucial situation. The Telemedicine Society of India has been struggling from a long period to make use of the technology to the most in order to reach out to the remote areas of India. This move that has been initiated by the country has also been followed by several other nations in the world. COVID-19 has compelled every country to deploy telemedicine to reach out to people who are unable to reach out to hospital. The lockdown in many of the countries has created problems to several patients that are dealing with other health issues. The health issues are not just restricted to physical problems but also include mental problems which require counseling on timely basis. Even though telemedicine was way back introduced in 2000 in India but until now the development in this field was quite slow. The medical community lacked in promotion of tele-consultations; thus, as soon as the policy was announced they had to start it all over again. Even though many of the healthcare workers are serving day and night, there are still some of them that are quarantined. Advancements in the telemedicine field are as such that now transmission of images and sounds are faster and simpler. 

The recent report published on the global telemedicine market by the Market Research Store displays the complete opportunities of this market has in the coming years.