25-Mar-2021 | Market Research Store

As per the research published in the renowned journal JAMA Pediatrics this month,tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—one of the key psychoactive components in marijuana—remains in the mother’s milk for almost six weeks after consumption.The study indicates that such a conditioncould pose risk to infants.

Dr. Maya Bunik, director of Breastfeeding Management Clinic and Child Health Clinic, reported to the leading media firm Healthline that the American Academy of Pediatrics medical organizations recommend that pregnant women should avoid consumption of marijuana.

In the trial, a total of 394 women volunteered and 25 of themopted for the further observance. A fraction of the selected decided to prevent marijuana consumption during the trial period.They delivered babies over three years from 2016 to 2019, which revealed that residualTHC was found in their mother’s milk for six weeks.Bunik stated that according to the research outcome, women are advised not to consume cannabis in any form way before conceiving or planning to conceive. Furthermore,due to the legislation,the team of researchersperceived more cases of women regardingthe use of THC during pregnancy.

The women involved in the research were in habit of inhaling THC way before for relieving stress or pain or to simply deal with sleeping problems.Proper data related to the study may not be available but still many hospitals and healthcare professionals aresuggesting pregnant womenavert theexploitation of cannabis for at least two weeks before conceiving.

The research further states that THC consumed bymothersusing any source can pass on totheir infant, which can be damaging in a long run. It shows that THC usage affected babies may face problems in learning and also face depression and impulse control.The remains of THC can be seen in breast milk for almost six weeks.