19-Aug-2015 | Market Research Store

The person seems to be healthy when he is fit in physical, social condition, emotional and mental. Health education makes us to improve the health and ideas to prevent from the diseases.

Health education is the important one to know the health condition and ways to improve them. More people are providing the education about the healthcare. This health education is given in different ways and models. Fitness education is helpful for improving the physical body. Using this health education it is easy to get positive attitude, skills and awareness based on health. Apart from the knowledge in different subjects health education is important for the student. Because students are very much lacking in the health. They undergo many health problems and they become sick. This will make them to take more leave and poor marks in their examination. Healthy students will have bright knowledge and they are very active and avoid taking leave whereas the unhealthy student suffers a lot in their studies.

Lleras-Muney Cutler gave some explanation that there is a relationship between the fitness of the body and the education. The student with poor health will stay at the lower levels in the school. So that unhealthy will also make the child with poor shape in the adult also. The connection between the strength of the child and the adult with good health leads to the accomplishment of health care education. Few children in the school are absent because of the illness. Nowadays the health education is decreased.

Community and educational development programs helps to improve the awareness of healthy among the students. The programs are held regarding some topics such as causes of tobacco chewing, preventing obesity, oral hygiene, T.B treatment, physical activity, chronic diseases an d unwanted pregnancy. Many famous celebrities are also crate the awareness of the diseases among the people through Television. And some of the quality programs are also had done for the betterment of the society. By implementing the health education in schools and colleges will make several changes in the society. To improve the life style of the people who are living in the urban and semi urban area government  introduce many programs such as HIV AIDS project and child abuse. And many health camps were conducted for the students. These programs will develop the positive attitude and high skills in the students so that the life style of the human behavior is improved.