31-Aug-2015 | Market Research Store

Plastic materials are the lightweight, transparent, shiny surface and flexible nature. By using this plastic material several useful things are made.

It is the widely used material by the people. The plastic material is the best water proof and moisture proof. It has high heat seal ability. Highly used for making electrical things. The bags which are made up of polyethylene are known as plastic bags which are used for multipurpose. These bags are used for many purposes like food packing, storing foods during the long travel, carrying the dirty and wet clothes.  They are durable and versatile, so it is used in houses and industries.

Categories in bags:

The bags are divided into two types they are plain bags and designer bags. Designer bags are made by the business people so that they imprint their logo on the plain plastic bags for promoting their business. The bags found in the market are made up of Self-adhesive. The common bags used in the household are garbage bags and zipper bags. The bags which are used in industries are self sealing, shrink and tie-on. The bags such as ice moisture, hot packs and static control bags are used in medical field. There are many types poly bags are available in the market. Plastic material has become the most important in human lives. There are many companies for manufacturing pre designed plastic covers for the customers. There are different type of ranges in the plastic bags. The plastic bags are available eat different size and shape according to the user requirements. This is mostly used by the business people for advertising their products to the public.  The plastic made things are biodegradable, and help to carry things from one place to another place.

Recycling process: The plastic bags should be recycled. The energy used for recycling is high, then reusing. It gives the life of the item. During the recycling process the product is turned from one form to another form so that more emission is created in the environment. Recycling the product is important so that the product is not wasted. Recycling also decrease the new manufacturing. This recycling process is done for many materials like glass, metal, paper and textile. Another type of recycling is the salvage of some products in which little components are used. It will help to keep the environment clean.

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