The Medical Implants can now be Powered by New Photonic Wireless System

The Medical Implants can now be Powered by New Photonic Wireless System

Published: 09-Jul-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Medical technology has improved a lot down the years particularly in terms of implantable devices. The electronic implants can be considered as a very good example. For the functioning of these medical devices a regular source of energy is required. Thus causing to some restraints such as limited life of the batteries that helps in functioning of the device becomes a serious issue. Once the life of the battery ends an invasive surgery has to be conducted for battery replacement. This might come with a risk of complications, such as infections, bruising, and others.

A team of researchers from the South Korea, which was led by Prof Jongho Lee at GIST, did a thorough study in order to find a solution about this issue. They thought of having an approach where the internal battery can be recharged without any penetrative procedures or any kind of invasive surgeries. Prof. Lee gives explanation that the current requirement for any biomedical electronic implants is non-stop source of electric power to have a healthy life without the need of surgeries. He believes that the solution can be found in the 'translucency' of the living tissue.

Prof. Lee and his team have developed a method of active photonic power transfer through which electric power can be generated in the body. The system consists of two parts: photovoltaic device integrated into a medical implant and a skin-attachable micro-LED source patch. With the help of this system appropriate amount of power can be supplied to the medical implants. Furthermore, Lee commented that right now the restraint is absence of a consistent power source, which further limits the performance and efficiency of the device. If this issue can be resolved then new kinds of implants can be developed with various functionalities.

The power system was tested on mice and it proved successful. Prof. Lee made the comment that the system developed by them will enable long life for the implants.

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