12-Jan-2021 | Market Research Store

The University of Bonn chemists haveproducedexceptionallyrare compounds. The most surprising part of the compound is that its central building block is made using silicon atom. In comparison to the usual compounds, this material is unique as the arrangement of the four bonding partners of the atom does not form a tetrahedron instead forms a flat trapezoidal like structure. However, concerning the energy arrangement is unfavorable yet the molecules are stable. The researchers are currently trying to explore the properties of the structure. Just like carbon, silicon also forms four bonds with other atoms resulting into a tetrahedron. As the silicon is located centrally it bonds with all the four corner partners. This structure is energetically favorable and arises automatically into quasi.

The rarity of the silicon-containing molecule is like a cube-shaped soap bubble. The formation of a distorted square makes the molecules lie in one plane along with the silicon. The arrangement of the compounds is such that it can be stored for weeks without any problem. Through the computer simulation the researchers found thestability of the compound to be basically due to the bond formation among the ligands that lead to the formation of a solid framework. This framework prevents the collapsing of the trapezoidal arrangement into a tetrahedron. Additionally, the computer calculations have confirmed that there is no structure for the molecules that is more energetically advantageous than the planar trapezoidal shape.

The researchers developed crystals of the substances and then usedX-rays to blast them with. It was later observed that the X-ray light scattered due to the atoms and changed its direction. Such scattering can help calculate the spatial structure of the molecules in the crystal. In addition, the spectroscopic measurements helped confirmthat the ligands and silicon are indeed located in a single plane in the new molecules. The synthesis of the exotic compound is performed under inert gas. Even though it is a simple process, the starting material production is complex as they take years. However, the influence of the rare structure on silicon and its properties opens new door for the electronic industry.

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