Tiny Wireless Medical Device Could Help You Lose Weight

Tiny Wireless Medical Device Could Help You Lose Weight

Published: 11-Jan-2021 | Published By: Market Research Store

Obesity is currently one of the serious issues being faced on a global platform and the researchers are thus on a constant run to find a perfect solution to combat this condition. The most commonly used method is the gastric bypass surgery which people opt as a last option after their constant struggle with weight gain and health issues related to it. In this procedure, the stomach pouch is made smaller and the digestive tract is rerouted. However, the invasiveness and the prolonged recovery period make it the last option the patients want to resort to. Thus, a group of researchers from Texas A&M University has created a tiny, paddle-shaped medical device that is not that could help lose weight and requires an easy operative procedure for implantation.

The fundamental goal of this small device is to create a feeling of fullness by using light to stimulate the endings of the vagus nerve. Moreover, this new device does not require a power cord and could be controlled via an external remote radio frequency source. According to Dr. Sung II Park, their team has been able to create a device that could be easily implanted for further stimulation of the nerve endings present in the stomach. The device is found to even withstand the harsh gastric conditions thereby proving to be a promising source for weight-loss.

In the US, obesity-related health issues are found to have a significant economic impact on the U.S. health care system, which almost sums up to $147 billion a year. Furthermore, the chances of people falling prey to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease,diabetes, and even some cancers is raised. Thus, people with a body mass index above 35 could find this surgery as a ray of hope to lower the risks of obesity-related conditions and lose the excess weight, as well as maintain their weight in the long run. The use of wireless technologies like these is likely to make the device less cumbersome and more comfortable for the patient.

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