31-Mar-2022 | Market Research Store

Information technology plays a key role in boosting economy of any country and contributes sizably towards its GDP and GNP. Today, top 10 IT firms are offering best services that are favorably impacting growth of various business verticals across globe. Since last few years’ information technology has not only brought a paradigm shift in sphere of technology but has also influenced day-today business activities & transactions. Global information technology (IT) industry is expanding at rapid pace and is projected to register a CAGR of nearly 11.3% over 2022-2028 with earnings worth nearly USD 9,400 billion expected to come from IT business in 2022. With onset of new technologies such as AI, IoT, Block chain, and big data, the global Information Technology (IT) industry is anticipated to gain traction over years ahead. Some of the mammoth players in IT industry in 2022 that are projected to contribute sizably towards information technology business & bring huge transformation into it are discussed below:

  • Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft is one of most valuable firm and biggest IT firm across globe. It was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Redmond, Washington, U.S. The firm manufactures operating system, develops software licenses, and sells PCs, computer software, and consumer electronics goods. For the record, it garnered more than USD 125 billion earnings in 2019. Moreover, in April 2021, Microsoft declared that it would acquire Nuance Communications for nearly USD 16.1 billion and the acquisition was finalized in March 2022. Reportedly, in January 2022, Microsoft announced acquisition of Activision Blizzard – a U.S. based video game developing firm – in an all cash transaction worth nearly US$ 68.8 billion.
  • IBM Corporation: International Business Machines (IBM) is a U.S. based multinational firm having business operations in more 171 nations. It was established in 1911 in New York as Computing Tabulating Recording Company and renamed as International Business Machines in 1924.  The firm offers both business solutions as well as technology services. Its technology solutions include infrastructural support, product maintenance, and process outsourcing. The business services of firm include consultation services, application management services, and system integration.
  • Oracle Corporation: Oracle Corp., an American computer technology multinational corporation headquartered in Texas, U.S., was found in June, 1977 in California, United States of America. It operates in businesses such as enterprise software, business software, computer hardware, cloud computing, and consultation services. Citing an instance, the firm sells database software, ERP software, human capital management software, enterprise performance management software, and supply chain management software.
  • Accenture plc.: It is Irish firm headquartered in Dublin, capital of Ireland.  Accenture was found in 1989 and was referred as Andersen Consulting during 1989 to 2000. The technology wing of IT firm offers mobility services and digital marketing analytics solutions. While its strategy division offers technology strategy solutions, operation strategy solutions, and business strategy services. Moreover, Accenture plc. highlights more on research & development projects and effective implementation of technology solutions.  
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise: This U.S. based enterprise IT firm was found in California, U.S.  in November 2015 as a spin off HP company. The firm focuses on server operations, storage, containerization software, tech support & consultation, and networking activities. In 2017, HPE spun off enterprise service business by merging with Computer Sciences Corporation and became DXC Technology. In the same year, it also spun off software business and joined hands with Micro Focus International plc. – a UK based software & IT firm based in Newbury.  In 2018, the HPE was ranked 107th in list of Fortune 500 companies.
  • SAP SE: It is a Germany-based multinational corporation headquartered in Walldorf. Moreover, it develops enterprise software for effectively handling business functions as well as client operations. The firm is renowned for its ERP software and also sells cloud engineered systems, database software, CRM software, supplier relationship management software, product lifecycle management software, supply chain management software, and human capital management software to clients.  
  • Capgemini SE: The firm is a technology services & consulting firm based in Paris, France. It was founded in 1967 as an enterprise management & data processing firm. The company operates in IT, outsourcing, and consulting business. For the record, in March 2021, the organization purchased RXP Services – based in Australia- to expand its regional base.
  • Amazon, Inc.: It is a U.S. based technology firm that focuses on cloud computing, e-commerce, AI, and digital streaming business operations. The firm, which was formerly referred as Cadabra, Inc., came into existence in July 1994, Washington, United States of America. Its chief founder was Jeff Bezos and the company is one of the big five U.S. IT firms apart from Meta Platforms, Inc., Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Apple, Inc.
  • Dell Technologies Inc.: It is an American technology organization headquartered in Texas, U.S. The firm was found in September 2016 through merging of Dell and EMC Corporation. The organization operates in cloud computing, computer hardware, data storage, consulting, and information security business. Additionally, it also sells products such as personal computers, televisions, smartphones, servers, and computer software to customers. It offers services such as network & computer security services. It was ranked 35th by Fortune 500 list in 2018.
  • Salesforce: It is an American cloud-based software firm having headquarters in California, the U.S. in February, 1999. The firm provides CRM software and applications based on marketing automation, sales, customer service, app development, and analytics.