17-Mar-2021 | Market Research Store

Recently, a team fromTohoku University has created a pain-free, organic, and biodegradable drug delivery patch to enhance the trend of home health care for patients. The researchers have created a biobattery-powered device with the goal of delivering large-sized pharmaceuticalmolecule right through the skin barrier and also for thediagnostic purpose such as extracting interstitial fluid. The latest study published in Nature Communicationsexhibits how the team developed a microneedle array that is tinier when compared to the pinky nail.

According to lead researcher Matsuhiko Nishizawa, the newly developedporous microneedles act as interconnectedchannel that either inject or extract fluid such as insulin, vaccine, or blood. Such a microneedle arrangement is already being used for transmission of small-molecule drugs which are basically used to relieve pain or treat migraine. The microneedles are the size of human hair and theyare almost 250 microns long, which is enough to pass through first layer of skin without damaging our nerves or blood vessels. The hydrogel coated porous microneedles when applied witha low-grade voltage the liquid flow is generated just how the plunger in the syringe works. This electroosmotic flow helps control the transmission rate of drugs from the skin or even extracting fluids specific fluids from the body.

It is the first time that the porous microneedle array generated electroosmotic flow is found to speed thepenetration of drug molecules into the transdermal region or even the extraction of interstitial fluid. The researchers also powered the array usinga biobattery, which has 4 paired electrodes and a chemical energy sucked in from the enzymes converts’ sugar and oxygen into electrical energy. The researchers attached the porous microneedle arrayand biobatteryonto the skin using an adhesive patch the size of a business card. The researchers are trying to create a porous microneedle array using biodegradable polymers. The research proves that built-in biobattery could help develop anatural electroosmosis flow-based skin patch which is not only disposable but also safe to use.