UK’s Biggest Solar Plant gets Approval

UK’s Biggest Solar Plant gets Approval

Published: 02-Jun-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

UK’s largest solar has got a go-ahead; the farm that stretches about 900 acres on the north Kent coast.

This controversial scheme was approved by the government and now this plant will deliver power supply to around 91,000 houses. This project estimates to include one of the biggest energy storage systems.

The approval did not make everybody happy since the project was intensely opposed by the local people. The RSPB, Greenpeace, and the other countryside charity CPRE were not supportive about the project.

They were of the opinion that this project will industrialize the countryside, which in turn can cause harm to the wildlife site. Qualified support was provided by the Friends of the Earth on the grounds that intensively-farmed land right now is also bad for the wildlife.

Mike Child, the spokesperson, commented that “No-one wants to see damage to local habitats, but this is not some lovely, untouched meadow. Changing the use of the site from intensive agriculture will reduce the high level of chemicals currently harming insects and wildlife - but we have to hold the developers to account”.

Environmentalists are of the opinion that the developers can offer free rooftop panel to the protesting people who are against the solar farm and particularly  they have huge fear about the giant energy storage unit as it prove as an explosion danger.

Twenty-five acres of the land will be used by the facility. The charity CPRE was of the opinion that the battery storage system has caused serious dangers around the world, which includes fires and explosions. 

Wirsol Energy and Hive Energy developers have concluded that it is quite safe and this project will be UK’s one of the lowest priced power generators. 

In 2015, there was a controversial announcement from the government controversially that it would phase out the subsidies from the solar power. But since 2010, the cost of solar panels has dropped by two-thirds.

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