13-Oct-2021 | Market Research Store

Although ceramics are tough to damage through extreme heat, they are delicate and can be broken down easily.A team of researchers of Texas A&M University hasdiscovered an exclusive ceramic that features an auto repairing property. The in-depth information about ceramics is available in an article recently published in the journalScience Advances.

These engineered ceramics works by forming kinkbands,which not only prevent the cracks from rising but also coverthose nasty scratches. Ankit Srivastava,the co-author of thestudy, said thatengineered ceramics form kinkbands at the time of loading, which mend the crackseven at room temperature, therebymaking it an appropriate coating for a variety of advanced structural applications. Prior to this research,the ceramics-based cracks mending approach works only at extremely high temperatures. Moreover, theexceptionalcharacteristic of kink-bands formation in engineered ceramics can be studied at an atomic level.

The kink-bands likedeformations arevisible on the surface of every naturally formed rock. After applying ceramics, the researchers managed to visualize a rock sample under an electron microscope. They found that the rotation on application not only clears the surface obstacles but also heal the cracks. As a result, the ceramics-coatedstructurewould be potentially at a lower risk to the forthcoming catastrophic conditions.

Hemant Rathod, the leading author of the study, said that regular utilization of theself-mending procedure will maintain the structural quality, which eventually reduces the chances of material destruction.

The recent findings exhibited that auto-repairing ceramics will definitely aid in advancing a bunch of next-gen technologies such as establishing safer nuclear reactors, manufacturing hypersonic flights, and building efficient jet engines. In the research article, the engineers reiterated that the self-healing technology involving kick-bandscould be applied to other materialswith similar atomic layered forms.

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