Unique Printing Technology Could Make Invisible Image Development Possible

Unique Printing Technology Could Make Invisible Image Development Possible

Published: 12-Oct-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

The team from ITMO University has created an inkjet printing technology that is anticipated to help develop images that are visible in polarized light like when using a smartphone screen. This novel tool will aid manufacturers secure their merchandises from forgery. The new chemistry method is a solution that can be applied to high resolution arranged nanostructures. The creation of images that are invisible to the naked eye is possible through the use of unique colloidal ink made from nanoscale cellulose particles that are capable of arranging themselves on a surface in a particular manner. Currently, there are many materials being printed in the market to save products from counterfeiting.

There are many QR codes and data signals available to combat forgery but having a more accessible and cost effective technique is highly preferred. The researchers believe inkjet printing to ease production of packaging material. However, the chemical composition of the ink is a major concern. The inkjet printing helps lower the chaotic arrangement in the natural conditions and instead arrange it in nano architecture for parallel relation among themselves. Additionally, the thickness of the ink settles permits specific optical phenomena under polarized light. Such colorful optical response built from printed image can be observed using LCD screen such as smartphones.

The programming and organization of the nanoparticles in the solution with specific qualities such as ionic force or charge, solution properties, and particular parameters helps make printing possible. Thus, the use of specific concentration of ink and its modification as per the nanoparticle dynamics, and mutual attraction or repulsion is found to help assemble them parallel to each other. Thus, the development of a complete color transparent image, including logo, number, or letter, is possible. The new watermarks could thus be widely used insecurity of products, banknotes, tickets, and similar products.

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