Virtual Tourism Might Boom The Travel Industry In The Next Few Years

Virtual Tourism Might Boom The Travel Industry In The Next Few Years

Published: 21-Sep-2020 | Published By: Market Research Store

Virtual reality has become a new trend currently among people so as to feel things as though it were real whereas in reality it may just be a virtual view. With the help of advanced mathematical techniques and combination of live stream video and existing photos & videos of travel destinations, the engineers plan to create a new positive view that will help rejuvenate the world that is battling with the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, using the mathematical modeler have planned to improve the present television and internet-based tourism thrills. The measuring and digitalizing of the curvatures and angles of various objects and distances between them using drone footage, videos, and photos could help make virtual travel experiences more lifelike and also help expand the tourism business.

The technology named Live Streaming with Actual Proportionality of Objects (LAPO) is a combination of both conformal mapping and information geometry to make images of people, places, and things seem more realistic. This new technology transforms digitalized data using advanced mathematical techniques into a live tourist site with the help of photos and videos. It helps one feel as though they watching a movie or documentary in reality. The visualization from multiple angles is possible in virtual reality so as to make it feel even more real even when you sitting at home.

Information geometry is a widely explored application but it is first time it is being combined with the angle preservation of the captured footage. The new discovery is anticipated to help advance the tourism industry amid this pandemic. Virtual tourism could bring a cheaper mode of travel which is safe, time-saving, accessible, and more comfortable and some can be well experienced even when at home. The virtual trip can be enjoyed using a standard home computer with a graphics card and internet access. The employment rate will also spike through this new virtual tour guide.

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