23-Apr-2021 | Market Research Store

COVID-19 patients with low vitamin D levels are at a lower risk of death or need of mechanical ventilation. The primary reason is patients receiving vitamin D supplements such as 1000 units a week acquire a few health benefits compared to the others. In the US and the entire world, there are millions who are dealing with vitamin D deficiency and thus, the latest discovery proves to be very promising right now. According to the research team lead Sweta Chekuri from Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the vitamin D supplements are known to help inhibit inflammation in case of respiratory diseases. However, the studies conducted in understanding the role of vitamin D in COVID-19 is limited.

The latest study will help determine if the supplements of vitamin D prior to being admitted with COVID-19 could reduce the severity of the COVID-19 disease in patients with low vitamin D level. The researchers people who died were shown to have not being receiving vitamin D supplements. The chances of patients receiving vitamin D supplements were at lower risk of being mechanically ventilated or dying. The researchers are trying to prove this through statistical studies. The patients with COVID-19 who have low vitamin D are given the supplements not only for their bone health but also for stronger protection against COVID-19.

The researchers are finding even stronger evidences to prove the link between vitamin D supplements and prevention of severity of COVID-19. The supplement for bone health, if found to be right, could actually help the faster the spread of coronavirus. The researchers are in talks with the medical professionals whether the addition of vitamin D supplements is possible in order to help reduce the chances of severity in the COVID-19 patients.