21-Aug-2015 | Market Research Store

Mostly the crop production is decreased in agriculture due to weeds. Weeds are the invaluable plants that grow in the middle of the plants for getting the sunlight, water and other nutrients from the crops.

They are useless. The weeds can be removed by using chemical process but it will cause some damages to the land. So it is good to follow the traditional way of weed removing.

Ways to preventing weeds: The weeds can be controlled by using weed free seeds. There are some of the weeds that join with the crop seeds. It cannot be easily identified. So it’s better to use the quality seeds which were approved by the government. Avoid using manure directly in the field. The manure containing weeds is used directly then it will result to weed growing. These weeds will affect the crops so it is important to remove the weeds from the manure before using it in the field. Check for the movement of weeds from nearer fields. So avoid this by getting the advice from the experienced farmers.

So proper cleaning should be done before cultivating the seeds. After removing the weeds it should be burnt or it should be thrown into the pits anyway. The water coming ways should be clean from weeds. And overall measures should be taken to avoid weeds. The early germination seeds help to avoid the weeds because the earlier germinated seeds grow into small plants and the leaves in them will shade the growth of the weed plant so naturally the weed plant will die. Choose the proper time for planting and the ways. The crops should be stimulated by proper seed treatment and bio-fertilizer. The fertilizer should be used according to the condition of the crop. Natural manure helps the crops to grow well.  

The plants should be planted properly so that during the summer due to the lack of water the plant may die. So healthy crop seedling should be done. Every year the cultivation of the crop should be changed. Plants use various nutrients and again by growing different crops the nutrient is used by other plant. So it helps to control the weeds such as dodder and wild oat.  Correct time should be maintained to cultivate the crop. Avoid using more chemicals. Weed contamination can be avoided by dispersing the weed.