27-Jul-2015 | Market Research Store

Microsoft has been eventually planning to launch its new and exclusive Windows 10 within a few weeks. In the meantime, the new build insider preview of Windows 10 10166 has got released and is provided to be a clock countdown update for Windows Mobile.

The Windows 10 mobiles are already running with hikes and the parent platform has been given with so many updates. Each and every preview build of Microsoft Insider program has been called upon by the users. Now recently, the new preview is built with Windows 10, which is known to be the Windows 10 10166 has been provided as the insider preview build official update for both Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile phones and Desktop PCs.

This new program has been released for the fast ring users and this build 10166 of Windows 10 is potentially less stable to increase the prospects of faster rings. Still the official release of Windows 10 fully stabilized complete version is not yet officially released, till this time, users who wish to experience the fast rings and updates could make use of this new build 10166. The official release date for Windows 10 for both PCs and Windows Phones are officially commenced to be July 29. Now, this particular release of windows 10 build 10166 is tending to be the developer version and this preview build is eventually provided for the development.

This new build has got facilitated to fix the known issues that are found in the predecessor version of Windows 10 10149. Additionally, Windows store on windows mobile has removed the official beta tag and this new 10166 insider preview build has made some essential refinements. In addition to this main build, several newly integrated stock apps have been upgraded in the windows store. Some of the default windows 10 apps have been effectively stabilized in the windows 10 1016 insider previews build.

So, with all necessary updates and feedbacks, the Insiders of Microsoft has been still striving to offer exclusive updates and build versions. Now, the team of insiders is tested on the stabilization of Windows 10. Additional new build previews are still expected. So, by now, Windows 10 mobile users just have to wait for the official version of Windows 10 with common cross platforms with all stabilized prospects and applications that would eventually make desired values. Users could also expect some new insights in the upcoming builds.