16-Sep-2020 | Market Research Store

Family planning is the new trend followed by couples in order to settle down before welcoming a new member in their family. However, this new trend is a huge task for women as they usually are the ones who have to take all the necessary precautions to avoid getting pregnant. Currently, the researchers are focusing on making this task as simple as wearing earrings. There is a new technique for taking contraceptive hormones using backings on jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, wristwatches. The hormones stored in patches are put on the jewelry in contact with the skin such that the body absorbs the drugs.

It has been found that the jewelry provides sufficient amount of hormone such that necessary contraception is provided. The new technique is yet to be tested on the humans. Right now, the key goal is to increase user compatibility with specific drug doses on a regular basis. This jewelry-based technique could also be used to deliver other drugs as well. The new contraceptive methods are available such that every woman’s needs are met. The new technique is projected to be beneficial as women tend to wear jewelry on a daily basis thereby empowering the women to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The transdermal patch technology has been adapted by the contraceptive jewelry to deliver drugs with no motion sickness, smoking cessation, and control over the symptoms of menopause. This is the first time the use of the drug in jewelry will be practiced. The idea of making contraceptive attractive for women is possible through the use of contraceptive patches with jewelry permits modest use of the drug delivery technology. The advancements made to the traditional transdermal patches by reducing their size so as to fit into the jewelry makes its application all the more easy. Furthermore, the earring patches are believed to have a great impact on the contraceptive research. The major goal is to use this jewelry-induced contraceptive technique to deliver other skin-permeable drugs that are effective in low doses as well. Earring and watches are the preferred and appealing new means of delivering drugs as they remain close to the skin for a longer period of time.

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