Global Politics Are Being Reshaped As A Result Of The Race For Renewable Energy.

Climate change has caused massive changes in global politics and business, with renewable energy leading the way. Last year, while the world was crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic, Andrew Twiggy Forrest, chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, had been on the journey. Over the journey of 5 months, the billionaire mining magnate and his motley crew visited 47 nations, persuading some of them to open their doors to the authority amidst the pandemic. Read More :

GE Digital Announced Acquisition Of Opus One Solutions To Enable Accelerating The Transition Of Energy.

Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation (Opus One), a software company which enables energy providers to improve market management energy, operations, and planning, has agreed to be acquired by GE Digital. The renewable power decision-making abilities of Opus One, coupled with the network management and optimization portfolio of GE Digital, will assist utilities in making important decisions on how to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and renewables at scale across the electric grid.

FDA Instructs The Food Sector To Lower The Salt Levels In Food Products

The Food and Drug Administration is asking the food sector to lower the amount of salt in the products during the growing diet-related preventable health conditions. The agency has announced this updated guideline last October. However, the updated recommendations are likely to lower the average sodium consumption by 12% nationally over the next 2.5 years. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, heart-related conditions continue to be the growing cause of death. But the point is many of them can

KEPCO Establishes 'KEPCO Carbon Neutrality Promotion Committee' Aiming To Achieve Carbon Emission Reductions.

Recently, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) publicized the establishment of the Korea Electric Power Corp Committee for carbon neutrality to clarify directions with key strategies as well as policy initiatives aimed to achieve a reduction in carbon emission. Korea Electric Power Corporation, also recognized as Hanjeon or KEPCO, is South Koreas biggest electric generator, working for energy production, distribution, and transmission as well as the expansion of electric power installati

Chinese Companies Are Not Included In The List Of Certified Solar Module Manufacturers

Solar farm tariffs may increase in the coming years, following the govts decision to remove all major manufacturers from the approved list of model and module manufacturers (ALMM) for solar installations supply. A mandatory evaluation of a firms products and manufacturing locations is required in order to get approval. The key dealers of units to Indian renewable energy companies, Longi, Jinko, and Trina Solar, have yet to hear from regulators, thus removing them from the list of approved.

At CES 2022, BLUETTI Will Make Three Major Announcements: Never Be Caught Off Guard By A Power Outage

BLUETTI has made a number of announcements for 2022, including sodium battery power plants, solar panels, and all-inclusive home power alternatives. While most people are waiting for announcements about the BLUETTI APEX in 2022, the brands product line is growing to include better power solutions for the home. 1. The sodium-ion battery is the next generation of energy storage. On CES 2022, BLUETTI unveiled the worlds first sodium-ion solar generator, the NA300, and its corresponding batter

To Reduce Carbon Emissions, ITC Commissions A Rupees 76 Crore Solar Plant In Dindigul.

ITC Ltd, a tobacco-to-hotel corporation, has opened its first offshore solar power plant in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. The power station, which costs Rs 76 crore to build, will help the firms business to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The 14.9-megawatt plant, which spans 59 acres, will produce over 22 million units of sustainable energy per year for ITCs resorts, food manufacturing facilities, paper mills, and packaging printing firms in Tamil Nadu. The plant has assisted ITC in meeting 90

NTPC Intends To Seek Strategic Investors For Its Clean Energy Subsidiary, NREL.

As per a senior representative of one of the biggest State-run power National Thermal Power Corporation Limited intends to seek a strategic shareholder for its sustainable energy division National Thermal Power Renewable Energy Limited (NREL) before it lists on stock markets in October 2022. The National Thermal Power Corporation Limited listing is part of the state-run power companys overall Rs 15,000-crore asset sales strategy during the next 3 years. North Eastern Electric Power Corporation

Ayana Renewable Will Receive 302 MW Wind Turbines From Siemens Gamesa.

Siemens Gamesa announced recently that it has received the order from Ayana Renewable for 302 megawatts (MW) of wind turbines. The financial terms of the transaction were not revealed. Ayana managed to win the proposal, which is set to be completed in 2023, in the Solar Energy Corporation of Indias (SECI) tenth bid portion in March 2021, when the minimum tariff of Rupees 2.78 per unit was revealed. Ayana Renewable Power is supported by shareholders such as the CDC of the United Kingdom and the

Amp Energy India Has Completed A 13.5-Megawatt Solar Power Venture In Maharashtra.

The 13.5-Megawatt venture in Osmanabad, Maharashtra, will provide solar energy to Orient Cements production plant in the state, according to the declaration. Orient Cement has agreed to sign an agreement (Power Purchase Agreement) of 25 years with Amp Energy India for the purchasing of solar energy. Amp Energy India announced the completion of its second free source solar plant in Maharashtra. According to a company statement, Amp Energy India has recently authorized a 13.5 MW solar power ve