Employees' Cognition & Productivity Are Hampered By Poor Office Air Quality

According to a study conducted at the PublicHealth School of Harvard University, the productivity, as well as cognition of the employees in a workplace, depends upon the air quality in that workplace. Based on the quality of the air circulating in the office, the way of the response of colleagues, their ability to concentrate, and their rate of productivity vary. A study unveiled that the burgeoning concentrations of freely suspended fine particulate matter of the size of 2.5 Microns (PM2.5)

Emissions From Gasoline Vehicles Are Greatly Impacting The Human Health

Automobile pollution,particularly the hazardous pollutants emitted by diesel vehiclesinto the environment, affectsair purity and leads to many adverse effects on human health.Researchers have been engaged inlooking for an eco-friendlyalternative that releasesfewerpollutants. During a recent report published in thejournal The New Zealand Medical, Dr.John Horrocks and Professor Nick Wilson conducted an independent study that was carried out to curbthe rising air pollution caused by gasoline ve

DNA Belonging To New Animal Species Found From Half-A-Billion Year Old Trunk

The Royal Ontario Museum recently published their report that describes the remains of a huge new fossil species that the paleontologists discovered that was believed to be about half-a-billion year old. The team further notes that the recovered specimen is about half a meter in length and was discovered from the Kootenay National Park in Canada. The team notes that this new species which was nicknamed Titanokorys gainesi was a giant compared to most animal species that were estimated to be li

Blood Testing Facilities Reach Countryside With A Compact Analysis Tool

Now a days, blood testing has become essential for diagnosing and tracking diseases, although this facility is most commonly accessible within highly populous regions, where the results can be examined in a laboratory. India has devised a new model that is direct, inexpensive, and easy to implement irrespective of the location. However, it requires a decent power supply to operate. Sangeeta Palekar, a researcher in Nagpur-based college, assisted in the creation of the new layout. She along w

An Eco-Friendly, Nutritious & Multi-Flavored Analog For Meat Developed

A team of scientists from the University of Helsinki and Kaunas University of Technology hasproposed a way to producehighly nutritious meat analogsby usingfermented okra. This novel approach presented by the researchers can transform the meat analog industry bylaunching a product that not onlycontainsa lower concentration of salts and saturated fatsbut alsotastes more delicious thanreal meat. Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from digestion problems. According to NIDDK, over sixty mil

AI Is Being Employed To Enhance Human Intelligence For Drug Development

Drug manufacturing, as we all know, is a time-consuming process. The estimated count of compounds to be employed as initial points for drug development is unmanageable, which is around 106010100. Identifying a specific therapeutic molecule with the desired characteristics from the bulk is near to impossible. One still has to identify and design the molecule in a laboratory and evaluate its purpose in progressively complex research trials. This is not only a laborious process but also demands

Sony Teams Up With Prophesee To Launch Anti-Flicker Filters For Its Devices

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. hasdeveloped an innovative AI program that supports self-learning and permits the users to compose music on a palette. This program is a cloud-based music program known as Flow Machine Mobile (FM Mobile). This application is available for freeonthe App store.Currently, this app is available in the U.S. and Japan. But the developers are planning to launch the app in Europe. This app is also compatible with a wide range of digital audio workstations known

IBM Introduces An Exclusive AI-Powered Chip To Precisely Detect Frauds

Tech giant IBM has recently unveiled about developing anovel processor, known as Telum, which would be incorporated with the superior IBM-Z system. The newly designed processor will support self-learning implications, and the relevant software can track fraudulent activities in real-time.IBM illustrated the working concept of the program through an example of credit card transactions. According to the manufacturer, this software can warn people about fraudulent transactions before as the compl

Scientists Develop A Molecular Mechanism To Swiftly Heal Skin Wound

Grainyhead-like 3 (Grhl3), an evolutionary maintained gene essential for mammalian growth, leads the recently discovered molecular mechanism responsible for skin wound healing. The absence or mutation in this gene can lead to poor exchange rate by epidermal cells; improper eyelid closure; and soft-tissue syndactyly, an ailment in which babies were born with joint or squished fingers. The research unveils how GRHL3 activates anothergene, known as Fascin Actin-Bundling Protein 1 (Fscn1),at the t

Fabrication Of Delicate Parts Begins For The New Era Of Soft Robotics

The limits of soft robots guided by a confined liquid are significantly extended compared to the conventional stiff machines. But creating completely flexible robots remains a concern as most of the parts equipped in these machines are stiff. John A. Paulson, a researcher from Harvard, has designed electronically movable soft valves to manage hydraulic soft controllers. These valves could be used in therapeutic and assistive devices including bio-inspired soft grippers, soft robots, surgical r