3D Medical Devices Integrate With Body Augmentation Functionalities

Researchers at UCL University recently found out a robotic third arm that can led to brain altering chemistry and physical knowhows which were previously unknown to the human autonomy. The team of researchers trained people to integrate an additional robotic thumb and found out an increase in efficiency for carrying out minimal tasks such as building a block tower with one hand. Body augmentation is creating a buzz among the neuroscience world with the growing advantage of widening our current

After The Advent Of E-Bombs The World Witnesses Another Warfare Method

Weapons stronger than traditional forms of warfare are constantly in development which can traverse across a lot of mediums. One such kind of weapon being developed are called as tailocins and they function straight on a form of biological form of warfare. Tailocins are developed using a strong branch of bacteria and function as nanomachines are quoted by the research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Tailocins are proved to be lethal in only a handful of bacterial strain

E-Commerce Is To Gain Traction As Automated Operations Gain Steam

Over the years, robots have been equipped with a range of features such as computer vision modules, artificial touch sensors and some advanced humanoids have even been altered with smell sensors. Researchers are often keen on integrating robots with human-like senses. The researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a robot that implemented radio technology in order to detect objects and navigate its way through. The robot, or GF-Grasp, contains a combination of powerful

Greenhouse Effects Are Likely To Reduce As Cable Bacterial Research Thrive

A collaboration from a German-Danish group of researchers aims to reduce the impact of climate change from an unusual source of pollutant. The production of rice counts for less than five percent of total global green house methane which in turn is 25 times stronger than CO2. A flooded rice field creates the optimal environment for producing methane. However, the researchers conclude that adding an electric conductive cable bacteria to the soil can reduce methane production by more than 90%. C

Fiber Optic Cables Get Additional Functionality As Seismic Detection Becomes Advanced

The latest application in the hair-thin fiber optic cables is distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) A method which detects the tiniest movement flaws for collecting seismic data and warn of an impending earthquake. This technology works on the premise of installation of thousands of sensors along tens of kilometers of fiber optic cable. A device at one end of the cable sends laser pulses and collects and measures the intensity of the echo at the other end as it is being reflected back by interna

Researchers 3D Print Nose Cartilage In The Lab For Skin Cancer Patients

Researchers from the University of Alberta have used 3D printing technology to design custom-shaped cartilage for further application in surgical tasks. In case of skin cancer patients with nasal cartilage defects, the aim is to restore the skin features. For this, the researchers believed the specially created hydrogel which comprises of the Jell-O which is mixed is patient harvested cells and then printed into particular shapes using 3D imaging technology. After a few weeks, this material cu

Bioprinting Of Skin And Bones During Surgery Can Heal Faster

Generally, repairing the injuries caused to the skin and bones located in the skull and skin is tough as there are many layers of various types of tissues present. However, the researchers have recently found to use bioprinting at the time of surgery to help repair such defects. The latest study may lead to quick and reliable techniques of healing of bones and skin. According to lead researcher Ibrahim T. Ozbolat from Engineering Science and Mechanics, Biomedical Engineering and Neurosurgery,

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Find Origin Of Metastatic Tumors

In some of the cancers, the tumor origin is unrecognizable as the newly developed cancer therapeutics targets the primary tumor sites, thereby making the diagnosis of cancer of unknown primary (CUP) difficult and with a average overall survival of 2.7‑16 Months. For specific diagnosis, the patients are advised to perform detailed diagnostic study including biopsies, laboratory tests, and endoscopy procedures. Patients with metastatic cancer in the low-resource areas could now use an artificial

An Electrically Activated Patch Can Attach Using Non-invasive Balloon Catheter

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) scientists has designed a new system to offer a fast and non-invasive means to heal the holes or tears in the blood vessels with the help of an electrically-activated glue patch coated using a less invasive balloon catheter. The new device is likely to substitute the keyhole or open surgeries to help stitch or patch up the internal blood vessel defects. The catheter is inserted into the concerned blood vessel and then the glue patch named Voltag

Global Adhesives Market to be Worth around USD 72,130 Million by End of 2026

Findings from Market Research Store report Adhesives By Product Type (EVA, Acrylic, Styrenic Block, PVA, Polyurethanes, Epoxy, and Others), By Technology Type (Hot-Melt, Water-Based, Solvent-Based, Reactive, and Others), By Application (Automobile, Pressure Sensitive Application, Packaging, Footwear, Construction, Furniture Laminates, and Others): Global Industry Outlook, Market Size, Business Intelligence, Consumer Preferences, Statistical Surveys, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Developm