St Vincent And The Grenadines Got The Opportunity To Export Medical Cannabis To Europe.

The Government of Saint Vincent and Grenadines officially said that it would become the first member country to export medical cannabis to Europe. These are members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and have received the permit for this export activity. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is poised for the global business of the medicinal wellness industry, said the Minister of Agriculture of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saboto Caesar, at a press conference. We invi

Pfizer Will Invest $6.7 Bn In The Medical Cannabis Space.

Pfizer, a major pharma company, is investing heavily in cannabis-based bowel disease treatment to step into the medical marijuana sector. This biotechnology company agreed to take over Arena Pharmaceutical a clinical-stage company valued at $6.7 billion. Pfizer is set to acquire the remaining shares of Arena for $100 per share in an all-cash deal with the latest example of growth in cannabinoid-based medical research. Arena emphasizes offering new treatment options for different immunoin

Medical Cannabis Will Help People Struggling With Inflammatory Skin Conditions.

People struggling with skin problems are said to try medical cannabis products as a potential treatment as per the study from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University of Maryland. This study is considered the largest of its category as it involves 504 respondents, and around 8.8 % of people said yes to the use of medical cannabis for dermatologic disorders. However, several people use them without even guidance from a dermatologist. The pr

FDA Has Not Registered Any Cannabis-Containing Product

The Food and Drugs Authority has not officially referred any cannabis-containing product for industrial or clinical utilization in Ghana, and the public must report for any case of selling or associated activity of any unregistered product with the FDA. This release is in reaction to the Ghana News Agency for publishing an article on January 5, 2020, with a headline Medicinal marijuana, effective painkiller for chronic pain- Biochemist. However, in a statement copied to the news agency, t

Univar Solutions Launches New Innovation Hub & Food Solution Center To Support Expanding F&B Development

Univar Solutions Inc., a worldwide chemical and ingredient exporter and value-added services company, announced today a partnership with The Hatchery Chicago, a nonprofit food company incubator, to nurture food and beverage development at one of North Americas biggest incubator facilities. Univar Solutions has opened a new Food Solution Unit at The Hatchery Chicago, that is part of a global network of specialized Solution Centers. Formulation laboratories, research development facilities, and

The U.S. Is The Top Exporter Of Liquefied Natural Gas.

The new US terminal, along with high price gearing up in Europe, led the US as the top exporter of liquefied natural gas globally for the very first time, as per the data from Bloomberg for December 2021. Also, President Joe Biden is likely to spend billions of dollars to help the US economy decarbonize and become the last growth market for global trade in fossil fuels. Along with the growing power plants globally, particularly in Asia, are increasing the requirement for gas as it is used to s

Paddy Stubble Will Be Converted Into Biogas By IICT Hyderabad And Bharat Petroleum.

The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) situated in Hyderabad has developed a new effort in collaboration with the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Research and Development Center in Noida to make sure that biomass such as crops remaining is not going to waste through combustion and is instead converted into wealth. As per the agreement, manufacturing-scale compressed biogas facilities will be installed for the processing of crop residues. IICT has invented and licensed a signi

Energy PSUs Are Betting Heavily On Renewables Because Of The Global View On CO2 Emissions.

Indias aim to significantly decrease carbon emissions, along with the growing worldwide anti-hydrocarbon attitude, is driving public sector energy companies to rapidly develop their renewable energy capacities. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. has set aside Rupees 25,000 crore to expand its renewable energy capacity by 2040. The companys present RE capacity is 45 MW, but it plans to increase it to 10 GW in the future. BPCLs move comes almost a month after ONGC and the Solar Energy Corpor

Adani Group's New Energy Business Will Be Handled By ANIL.

The logistics-to-energy collaboration of billionaire Gautam Adani has launched a new subsidiary in order to become the worlds largest renewable energy corporation and to manufacture the inexpensive hydrogen, ANIL, to initiate green hydrogen projects, manufacturing of wind turbines, production of low-carbon energy, batteries, and solar modules. In November of the year 2021, Adani said that his company will invest $70 Bn in the next decades new energy domain. Adani Enterprises Limited, the fir

Around 94 Lakh Units Of Energy Generated By North Central Railway Using Solar Power

The solar plant productivity in North Central Railway is witnessing an upward trend trajectory by generating the output of 94 lakh units of energy. As per the information by North Central Railway, this year, around 94 lakhs of energy units have been developed with the help of solar power as compared to the previous April-December period, which generated around 81 lakhs of energy units. This year, it showed an improvement of 16% over the last year. It is known to be a huge step towards the mo