New Lightweight Tensegrity Material Could Withstand Catastrophic Collapse

Certain times a chain reaction caused by locally restricted damage leads to inevitable consequence in which there occurs a catastrophic collapse of materials and structures. For example, a crack in the solid ceramic or even damage to a single bar leads to falling of metal space trusses. According to researchers from the University of California, Irvine and the Georgia Institute of Technology, the researchers have discovered a new class of mechanical metamaterials that possess the property of d

Electrically Charged Glass Displays Show Smooth Transition Between Colors

There is a transparent glass display with extreme white light contrast ratio developed researchers from Jilin University. This see-through glass display allows the white light to smoothly transition between a broad spectrum of colors on being electrically charged. The latest technology has been developed to outdo the shortcomings of existing electrochromic devices through the use of interactionsbetween metal ions and ligands. There are possibilities that the latest study will pave way for nume

Researchers Develop Environment Friendly Green Fireworks

Fireworks are generally used to celebrate big occasions across the world. There are fireworks making the skies colorful during Independence Day, Diwali, the Lantern Festival, and others. However, these pyrotechnic displays are known to release huge amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere, which in turn leads to severe air pollution. The latest study published in the ACS Environmental Science Technologystates that the environmentally friendly fireworks tends to emit 15-65% less particulate m

Researchers Are Looking For Sustainable Leather Substitutes

Leather is a popular material used in making clothes and other goods industry. The use of leather is considered to be legal. However, the tanning process and dependency on livestock is found to pose a huge problem for the environment as the carbon footprint is found to be rising. Majority of the manufacturers and consumers are thus looking for an alternative source to reduce the environmental footprint. A study published in Chemical Engineering News (CEN) suggests sustainable materials to giv

Pain-Free Breathe Testing Could The New COVID-sensing test

Nasal swab has been a time-consuming and painful process for many. Thus, there is a lot of demand for a non-invasiveand speedy result delivering COVID tests. Recently, a team of researchers from University of Canterbury, Callaghan Innovations Protein Science and Engineering team, and Massey University have developed a breathe test to detect COVID-19 within 5 Minutes. This new approach for detecting the coronavirus viral proteins or particles present in the body fluids including saliva or breat

New Material Can Help Eliminate Medicines From Wastewater

The Jaume I University of Castelln (UJI) and Universidad Federal de So Carlos (UFSCar) researchers recently found novelphotocatalytic and antibacterial compoundthat canhelp eliminatepharmaceuticals from wastewater.The researchers found a unique and easy method for the selective synthesis of silver tungstate polymorphs (Ag2WO4), which are generally referred to as, , and , at room temperature minusthe surfactants. It is thus easier to manufacture these materials on an industrial scale. Thepolymo

Gold Nanoparticles Might Help Detect Liver Injury

Team led by Dr. Jie Zheng from the University of Texas has being studying the potential impact of gold nanoparticles in nanomedicine. The new study showed that the gold nanoparticles could help detect acute liver damage at an early stage via a simple blood test.The lead researcher Zheng in the journal Science Advancesstates the applications of nanoparticles in detecting kidney related diseases or fortargeted cancer therapies. Our primary objective is to make it stress-free for the family docto

Fungus Is The New Inspiration For A Natural Detoxifier

Many of the chemists are selectively developing porous materials and a team from Northwestern University seems to have found fungi as a suitable option after millions of years. The lead researcher Nathan Gianneschi primarily wanted to develop melanin similar to that formed by fungi thriving in the hostile, unusual environment such asChernobyl, spaceships, and dishwashers. This material showed high porosity, thereby enabling storage and capture of specific molecules. Melanin is compound found i

Global Agricultural Robots Market to be Worth around USD 22 Billion by End of 2026

Findings from Market Research Store report Agricultural Robots Market By Offering (Software, Hardware, Services), By Type(Milking Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Automated Harvesting Systems, Driverless Tractors, Other Robots), By Farming Environment(Outdoor Farming, and Indoor Farming), By Farm Produce (Field Crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Livestock, and Others), By Application (Harvest Management, Inventory Management, Field Farming, Weather Tracking Monitoring, Irrigation Management, Dai

Global Agricultural Micronutrients Market to be Worth around USD 5.9 Billion by End of 2026

The Global Agricultural Micronutrients Market Is Powered By Adoption Of Precision Farming, Increasing Concerns Regarding Food Security, And Higher Adoption Of Modern Agricultural Practices Are Driving Agricultural Micronutrients Growth Across The World. Micronutrients are plant nutrients that are present in trace quantities in tissue but are important for plant growth and production. Plant nutrition would be impaired without these nutrients, possibly resulting in poorer plant productivity. Z