A Green Vegetable Compound Can Stimulate Bacterial Growth In The Gut

Researchers have recently found the microbes present in the gut to break down the plant-based sugar sulfoquinovose. This sugar is known to contain sulfur. The studies have shown special bacteria to help use the sulfosugar to develop hydrogen sulfide. In the low concentrations this gas is known to cause anti-inflammatory effects while in larger concentrations they cause cancer. The researchers have recently found spinach to have a pleasantry effect on the digestive tract as it contains hundreds

Spider Webs Could Revolutionize World Of Music

Spiders are known for the strength of their web. These silky weaving strands have inspired the researchers to develop complex 3D webs. The webs are known to help the spiders make a home or prepare a complete hunting ground. It is recently that the researchers have started studying the web construction and its behavior. The scientists are trying to use web in the world of music for a range of activities right from 3D printers to communication between different species. The role of web in the mu

Plasticizers Impair The Signal Transmission In The Brain

Researchers have found the plasticizers that are present in majority of the objects can have a negative impact on the human brain functions. According to researchers from the University of Bayreuth, the plasticizers role in impairing the vital brain functions in the Communications Biology. The plasticizer bisphenol A and S are known to interrupt the signals transmission between the nerve cells on studying the fish brain. The researchers thus believe that such transmissions can occur even in th

Chaos In Electronic Devices Can Avoid Hacking

Scientists have recently found the chaos in helping make digital fingerprints for the electronic devices to avoid even the advanced hackers from hacking the devices. The fingerprints are considered to be very unique as it would take a lifetime for the hackers to look for the right combination. The idea of using chaos in the system is thus a rare and interesting idea. According to lead researcher Daniel Gauthier from The Ohio State University, the study published in the journal IEEE Access show

Use Of Bacterial Sensors In Environment Pollutant Detection

Recently, the researchers have created various engineered bacterial strains that could be used as sensors to identify the environmental contaminants, like heavy metals. These sensors if used in the natural environment can actually help researchers trace pollutant levels that alter each passing day over diverse geographic areas. The engineers from MIT have recently made a safer, tough hydrogel shell enclosed bacterial sensor to prevent the bacteria from escaping into the air and spreading mutan

Scientists Develop Next Generation Sutures Inspired From Human Tendons

For speeding up the healing process and also for closing the wounds, the doctors generally use sutures. However, there are chances that they may damage the stiff fibers integrated with soft tissues. Taking inspiration from the human tendon, the researchers have created a completely rare product. The Montreal researchers have designed a unique tough gel sheathed (TGS) sutures for better wound healing. Even though these sutures are slippery they contain tough gel coating that mimics the arrangem

Disinfecting Packaged Eggs Can Help Develop Healthy Chicks

For keeping the packaged eggs safe, the Russian researchers have developed an inexpensive and reliable surface disinfection system. This technology can destroy majority of the bacteria such as salmonella present on eggshells. This can also help the broiler chicken develop stronger immunity against viral infections or diseases. In the latest study, the researchers from Ural Federal University and Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science disinfected the packed eggs using an electron beam for 50

Deep Learning Technology Can Help Study Freshness Of Beef

Beef is one of the meat products consumed on a large scale across the globe. The consumption of meat after its prime time tends to make it tasteless and also increases the chances of health risks. The existing methods used to check the freshness of beef has few serious disadvantages that prevent its use in the public. The demand for time and skilled professionals for the chemical analysis or microbial population evaluations reduces its commercial utility. Additionally, the near infrared spect

Beer Waste Could Help Produce Biofuels And Food Products

Brewing is currently being carried out at homes instead of the industries. The beer-making process results in a lot of leftover. Once the flavor is completely extracted from barley and other grains, the rest of the waste materials is found to be enriched with proteins and fiber, which can be used in the cattle feed or in landfills. In the latest study, the scientists have found a new method of extracting fiber and protein from the grain for developing different biofuels, proteins, etc. The inc

Global Adhesives & Sealants Market to be Worth around USD 84.0 Billion by End of 2026

The Global Adhesives Sealants Market Is Fueled By The Demand For Construction, Automotive, and Packaging Adhesives Sealants Growth Across The World. Adhesives and sealants are synthetic adhesives and fasteners. Filling gaps with sealants are common, whereas fusing two surfaces requires adhesives. The adhesives and sealants market is expected to rise due to increased demand from automotive applications. COVID-19s outbreak in 2020 has had an impact on the global economy and market scenario