Global Adiponitrile Market Market to be Worth around USD 13,000 Million by End of 2026

Findings from Market Research Store report Adiponitrile Market Market By Application (Nylon Synthesis, and Electrolyte Solution), By End-Use (Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Textiles, and Others): Global Industry Outlook, Market Size, Business Intelligence, Consumer Preferences, Statistical Surveys, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Developments, Current Trends, and Forecasts, 20202026 states that the global demand for Adiponitrile Market market in 2019 was approximately USD 8,500 Million

Over 90% Of Adult Medication Leads To Increased Risk Of Falling

As reported by the University at Buffalo, almost every adult was provided with a certain medication that elevatedthe risk of falling in the year 2017.The team of researchers further stated thata remarkable rise in the percentage of slipping or falling incidents among adults have been observed, which was 57% in 1999 and has reached to 94% in 2017.The scientists at the university further reported that the mortality rate due to falls in elderly people doubled during the mentioned time period. I

Novel Conductive Cellulose Fiber to Be Used For Electronic Textiles

Sweden has created a thread out of conductive cellulose,which may be used to manufacture electronic textiles. A group of researchersfrom the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has been involved in the manufacturing of conductive fibers for electronic textiles for many years. Earlier emphasis was given on silk, but with the emerging discoveries, the focus has now shifted tothe use of cellulose. By weaving the cellulose threads electricallyto form a fabric with the help of a normalwea

Insight LiDAR Enhances Range In Its Latest FMCW LiDAR Sensor

Insight LiDAR, a renowned company engrossed in manufacturing chip-based (FMCW) Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave LiDAR sensors, has revealed the recent version of its long-range,high resolution FMCW LiDAR sensor for self-drivingvehicles.The upgraded Insight 400 reserves most of the highlighting features of Insight LiDAR such as revolutionary ultra-high-resolution, long-distance sensor. The Insight 400 providesextreme velocity in each pixel, numerous returns for every pixel, and best-in-class

Global Agar Market to be Worth around USD 450 Million by End of 2026

Findings from Market Research Store report Agar Market By Form (Powder, Strip, and Others), By Type (Wild Harvest Gracilaria Agar, Wild Harvest Gelidium Agar, Aquafarm Gracilaria Agar, Aquafarm Gelidium Agar, and Others), By Application (Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage (Beverage, Meat Products, Dairy, Bakery, Snacks/Instant Noodles, Confectionary, and Others), and Others): Global Industry Outlook, Market Size, Business Intelligence, Consumer Preferences, Statistical Surveys, Comprehensive

Global Aerogels Market to be Worth around USD 1150.0 Million by End of 2026

The Global Aerogels Market Is Powered By the Increasing Demand For Environment-Friendly Material, Construction Application Driving Aerogels Growth Across The World. Aerogel is a transparent solid-state material with a very low density and superb thermal insulation properties. Aerogel is also called frozen smoke, which has a feel comparable to foamed polystyrene in its solid-state. Aerogels are a class of ultra-low synthetic materials made from gels in which the liquid part of the gel is supe

Epiroc Launches World-First Internal Hydraulics-Equipped Drill Rig

EpirocSwedish-based mining and infrastructure equipment manufacturer has launchedone of its most efficient equipment, the Boomer M20.The drilling machine is uniqueowing to its pre-equipped internal hydraulics.The company has recently debuted its latest innovation at the Underground Operators Conference held in Western Australia. The key reason behind designing this underground face drill rig is to avert unplanned halts for hydraulic hose repairs.Moreover, the continuously falling debris and ir

3D Printing Device Fabricates Human Hand From Viscous Matter In Minutes

A novel 3D printing approach can imitate a human hand in just 19 Minutes, whereas conventional 3D printing techniques take almost a quarter of a day to complete that task. This innovative 3D printing technology will play an imperative role in tissue and organ transplant in the forthcoming years. As per the statement given by the team of researchers, the printing device submerges into a shallow container filled with mucus-like semisolid material and in a matter of minutes, the viscous matter

THC Found In Marijuana Can Remain In Breast Milk For Almost Six Weeks

As per the research published in the renowned journal JAMA Pediatrics this month,tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)one of the key psychoactive components in marijuanaremains in the mothers milk for almost six weeks after consumption.The study indicates that such a conditioncould pose risk to infants. Dr. Maya Bunik, director of Breastfeeding Management Clinic and Child Health Clinic, reported to the leading media firm Healthline that the American Academy of Pediatrics medical organizations recommend

Dementia Patients To Be Given Interacting Medications

According to specialists, it is recommended to elderly people with dementia to restrict their medication as it can harm their brain and central nervous system (CNS).Consuming several medications at a time can lead to severe outcomes for an individual.Recent research suggests that almost 1 in every 7 elderly people who face dementia consume three or more tablets at a timewithout any proper nursing. According to research,healthcare professionals have prescribed medications to over 1.2Million pat