Next Generation Photovoltaic Materials Help Detect Deadly Toxins

A team of Australian scientists has found an unusual solution to a dangerous problem. The researchers are acclimatizing a component from innovative solar cells to create a quick, light-based detection system for some of the fatal toxins. On the international platform, the use of chemical warfare agents including mustard gas (sulfur mustard) is strictly banned. However, the demand for chemicals for industry, agriculture, and other daily lives such as methyl iodide is found to increase. If the f

Low Cost Tin Could Help Build Super Powerful Supercapacitors

Researchers fromPenn State and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China have found a novel sustainable, powerful micro-supercapacitor. The traditionally used supercapacitors possess high-capacity and fast-charging properties but the composition of their electrodes that connect and manage the electron flow when charging or dispensing energy is a huge issue. The researchers have thus lately found a new material to enhance the connectivity, maintaining recyclability, and cost-

Global Adhesion Barrier Market to be Worth around USD 1,120 Million by End of 2026

Findings from Market Research Store report Adhesion Barrier Market By Type [Synthetic Adhesion Barriers (Hyaluronic Acid, Regenerated Cellulose, Polyethylene Glycol, and Others), and Natural Adhesion Barriers (Collagen Protein, and Fibrin)], By Delivery Mode (Film Formulations, Gel Formulations, and Liquid Formulations), By Application (Gynecological Surgeries, General/Abdominal Surgeries, Orthopedic Surgeries, Cardiovascular Surgeries, Neurological Surgeries, Urological Surgeries, Reconstru

Global Online Payment Gateway Market to be Worth around USD 59.00 Billion by End of 2026

The Global Online Payment Gateway Market Is Powered By the Increased Demand For New Technologies, Digital Payments, Etc. Are Driving Online Payment Gateway Growth Across The World. The payment process, from the token system to cashless payments and cash pooling, has evolved at a dizzying pace. A payment gateway enables any company to collect money through the preferred bank of the client, like online retailing. When shopping online, online payment gateways, that are nothing more than merchan

Global On the Go Packaging Market Projected To Grow and Reach above USD 3,309 Million by The End Of 2026

As per the report published by Market Research Store, global demand for On the Go Packaging market was valued at approximately USD 2,290 Million in 2019, and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 3,309 Million by end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of around 5.4% between 2020 and 2026. Packaging is a secure, science- and art-based technology to shield the commodity from loss and contamination, especially consumables such as food and liquids. Most products including meats, drinks and medic

Study Shows Enzyme Coated Yarns To Be Next Carbon Capture Technology

Recently, the team from North Carolina State University discovered that the cotton yarns could be coated with enzymes that are generally used to speed up chemical reactions such as converting hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Currently, the researchers are striving to develop a next generation chemical filters. The researchers are trying to fabricate textile filters that can act as a carbon capture technology. The researchers coated textiles with carbonic anhydrase, which is an enzymeth

Oil Spills In Arctic Water Could Be Cleared Using Novel Engineered Sponges

Recently, a team of researchers designed anecological and cost-effectivemethod to recover oil from extremely cold industrial wastewater and oil spills.The team from Imperial College London and the University of Toronto developed a sponge designed to eliminate hard-to-recover oil from Artic waters. The researchers fabricated the sponge depending on the previously developed sponge technology with the goal of removing oil from the ultra-cold water. The latest economic and ecological method of oil

New Lightweight Tensegrity Material Could Withstand Catastrophic Collapse

Certain times a chain reaction caused by locally restricted damage leads to inevitable consequence in which there occurs a catastrophic collapse of materials and structures. For example, a crack in the solid ceramic or even damage to a single bar leads to falling of metal space trusses. According to researchers from the University of California, Irvine and the Georgia Institute of Technology, the researchers have discovered a new class of mechanical metamaterials that possess the property of d

Electrically Charged Glass Displays Show Smooth Transition Between Colors

There is a transparent glass display with extreme white light contrast ratio developed researchers from Jilin University. This see-through glass display allows the white light to smoothly transition between a broad spectrum of colors on being electrically charged. The latest technology has been developed to outdo the shortcomings of existing electrochromic devices through the use of interactionsbetween metal ions and ligands. There are possibilities that the latest study will pave way for nume

Researchers Develop Environment Friendly Green Fireworks

Fireworks are generally used to celebrate big occasions across the world. There are fireworks making the skies colorful during Independence Day, Diwali, the Lantern Festival, and others. However, these pyrotechnic displays are known to release huge amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere, which in turn leads to severe air pollution. The latest study published in the ACS Environmental Science Technologystates that the environmentally friendly fireworks tends to emit 15-65% less particulate m