Study Of Disordered Protein Hopping Open Doors For Future Alzheimer's Disease Therapies

The University of Cambridge, the University of Milan, and Google Research engineers have used machine learning tools to predict the role of proteins, especiallythe onesconcernedwith neurological diseases, in changing their shapes within microseconds. The proteins named amyloid beta that exist in the Alzheimers disease are found to avoid sticking together or forming any toxic clusters by bringing about an extreme alterations in their shape. With the help of the current study published in the jo

Silicon Could Now Be Produced At No Cost Of Energy Or Cash

Researchers from Curtin University have discovered a new way of developing silicon. This material is commonly used in electronics such as cameras,phones, and computers. Traditionally, silicon are made at room temperature but the latest method used high temperature (heat) generated using electrical currents to trigger the necessary chemical reaction that can turn silica into silicon without any extra cost and zero impact on the environment. According to lead researcher Song Zhang from Curtins S

Scientists Develop Graphene Nanochannels For Filtering Water

Researcher have recently stacked sheets of 2D nanomaterials like grapheneon top of each other and the gaps formed between these sheets are found to wide range application. The latest study published in the journal Nature Communications has a team from Brown University that has found ways to use the gaps termed as nanochannels for filtering water or other liquids with nanoscale contaminants. Lately, an entire new study has been launched against the spaces in between 2D nanomaterials. The resear

Researchers Use A New Desalination Membrane To Make Seawater Drinkable

According to Professor MATSUYAMA Hideto at Kobe University, their team has created anovelseawater desalination membrane. The researchers developed the membrane by laminating 2D carbon material on a porous polymer membrane surface. The urgent need for desalinated membranes is to start using seawater as well. This newly developed membrane has the potential to produce fresh water from seawater. The new study is projected to solve global freshwater water insufficiency. The current goal is to creat

Red Blood Congenital Diseases Finds Cure In CRISPR Technology

Researchers are on the run find a perfect treatment for severe red blood congenital diseases such as sickle cell anemia or Thalassemia. Recently, a team from theUniversity of Illinois Chicago has found the modification of the DNA of blood cells from the patients to help develop an improved sickle cell disease treatment.According to Dr. Damiano Rondelli, the latest study shows the role of CRISPR and CRISPR-associated genes (Cas) technology CRISPR-Cas9 technique in editing the genes in the blood

Mother’s Innate Immune Response Proves Fatal For The Unborn Baby

Researchers at Duke and Mt. Sinai have found a molecular pathway that helps stop a viral infection during the pregnancy from affected the baby inside the womb. It has been observed that when an individual is infected the immune system naturally releases chemical signals termed type I interferon which informs the adjacent cells about increasing their anti-viral defenses such as developing inflammation. The immune response helps avoid the virus from multiplying and thereby, gives the immune syst

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Suppresses Multiple Sclerosis Related Disability

The latest study shows the effect of a hematopoietic stem cell transplantationalong withintense immunosuppression to helpprevent the disability associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) as it is found to not only worsen with time but also relapses 10 Years after the treatment. But, there are many who show an improvement in their disability over 10 years after the treatment. The transplantation is found to lower the chances of secondary progressive form of MS. Currently, there are many people wit

Gold Nanoparticle Clumping Could Be Inhibited Using Circular PEG Rings

Gold nanoparticles generally tend to clump thereby avoiding its use as an anti-cancer therapy. Thus, the researchers from Hokkaido University have found a technique to prevent gold nanoparticles from clumping. The researchers found the attaching of ring-shaped synthetic compounds to the gold nanoparticles to assist it from preserving the essential light-absorbing properties. The study published in the journal Nature Communications I explains the importance of the unique light-absorbing propert

Antidepressants Prove Ineffective Against Back And Osteoarthritis Pain

People are suffering from a lot of back and osteoarthritis pain owing to the constant habit of sitting in a single place working glued to the laptop amid the lockdown. The increasing cases of back pain in people has encouraged the doctors to create more awareness about exercising, posture correction, and constant movement of the limbs, hands, and neck within every 1015 Minutes. However, people have been using antidepressant drugsto treat these conditions instead of taking the necessary care. I

A Lab Study Shows A Peptide To Prove Effective Against COVID-19

Researchers from Rush University Medical Center have developed a new method of inhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19 symptoms. The study showed the small peptide when introduced nasally to offer positive effects in the mice. This peptidewas found to be effective in protecting the lungs, lowering fever, improving heart function, and also in reversing cytokine storm. At the time of cytokine storm, there is an infection that activates the immune system to fill the bloodstream with inflammatory prot