Living Fungi Could Now Help Us Build Our Dream Homes

A team had found a rare structure formation outside MoMA PS1 in the summer of 2014. This structure resembled an igloo but later it formed into huge towers. This structure named Hy-Fi, was designed and created by The Living which is an architectural design studio in New York. The researchers used around 10,000 bricks made from agricultural waste and mycelium. Such a biodegradable and sustainable product was found mold into a very solid mass. It is thus surprising that mushroom could be used to

Computing Techniques Can Help Select Treatment Based On Tumor Diagnosis

Recently, a team from the University of Cambridge has created a hi-end computing technique to help routinely carry out medical scans with the goal of helping doctors take few but accurate tumor biopsies. It is a step forward in precision tissue sampling so as to help the cancer patients opt for the best of treatment. It is believed that in the future the chances of clinical biopsies being replaced with virtual biopsies are higher. The foremost relief for the patients is to let go of invasive p

Blending Materials Can Assist In 3D Printing Different Bones Parts

In a 3D printed component, the characteristics can be ranged by combining synthetic polymers and natural materials. The article published in the International Journal of Nano and Biomaterials shows how blending of certain materials can help imitate the actual properties of the materials found in the bone. The researchers from Amravati University have found the mixing of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) and polyamide (PA12) along with formic acid solution to form the porous structure just like t

Unique Type Of Tea Could Help Burn Down Some Fat

There are various types of tea available around the world but a few of them are found to possess extremely beneficial properties. The particular plant species named Camellia sinensis has the potential to produce various types of tea using a completely unique processing technique such as half-oxidized tea as oolong tea, reduction of tea as green tea, and completely oxidized tea as black tea. The process of oxidation is catalyzed by endogenous enzymes and during this time catechins are altered i

Traditional Medicinal Plant Could Be The Next Brain-Eating Amoeba Killer

Across the globe, the brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri is found to be spreading a fatal disease named primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). This deadly disease is spreading at a faster rate owing to the lack of effective treatment. Recently, researchers published in ACS Chemical Neuroscience that they have isolated a compound from the leaves of a medicinal plant named Inula viscosa or false yellowhead. This plant is known to help kill the amoebae by forcing them to commit cell suici

Researchers Find A New Antibody To Combat The Dengue Virus

The University of California and the University of Michigan researchers have recently found an antibody that can inhibit the spread of the dengue virus within the body. This mosquito-borne pathogen is found to infect around 50100 million people a year. The symptoms of dengue are fever, vomiting, muscle pain, and it can also lead to other severe illnesses or even death. Lately, there are no treatments or vaccines for treating the dengue virus. Additionally, as there are 4 diverse strains of the

New Portable DNA Sequencer Helps Achieve Accurate Sequences

Recently, a team has found new means to stop the occurrence of sequencing errors by using a portable DNA sequencer. This device potentially offers the researchers the opportunity to work in vitro so as to study and trace the microorganisms such as SARS-CoV-2 virus. With the use of unique molecular tags by Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION device, there was almost 515% drop in the error rate when sequencing long DNA strands. The latest device is expected to revolutionize the genomic field by

Cancer Genome Atlas Help Reveal Which Bacteria Reside In Cancer Site

Engineers from Duke University have engineered an algorithm to eliminate contaminated microbial genetic information from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). As a complete image of the microbiota residing in various organs in both healthy and cancerous states is present, the researchers are now trying to locate new biomarkers of disease to better understand the impact of numerous cancers on the human body. The decontaminated dataset have earlier helped discover normal and cancerous organ tissues wi

A Urine Test Can Now Illuminate The Type & Severity Of Asthma

A team from Karolinska Institutet has used urine to check if a patient is suffering from asthma. The latest study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine emphasizes on the new beginning of personalized diagnosis that is anticipated to result in improving the treatments associated to severe asthma. It has been observed that there are millions across the globe who suffer from asthma and this disease is found to be spreading at a faster rate. According to WHO,

Urine-Based Liquid Fertilizer Could Help Maintain Food Supply

The production of food in the space-stations is extremely difficult owing to the lack of oxygen and gravitational force. Additionally, the need for a self-sufficient food cultivation and waste management in the future in the space station is a must but a technology to attain this goal has yet to be invented. Thus, a team from Japan developed a feasible and effective way of developing liquid fertilizer (ammonia) using simplified artificial urine with the idea of serving as a dual purpose that i