Converting Hydrogen Sulfide Into Pure Hydrogen To Produce Top Grade Fuel

Researchers have found a novel chemical approach to convert a toxic, stinky gas into clean-burning fuel.This method is used to transformhydrogen sulfide into hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen sulfide is discharged from manure and sewerage pipes and is utilized in several industrial activities such as purifying oil and gas, mining, and paper production.Hydrogen sulfide is hazardous for people, highly toxic, andhave a nasty smell like rotten eggs. The method demonstrated in this study consumes less ener

A Thermostable COVID-19 Vaccine Derived From Plant Virus

Many renowned pharmaceutical companies have launched effective vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the vaccine technology is still progressing to manufactureeffective and economical vaccinesthat can be stored at room temperature.Researchers at the University of Californias Center of Nano-Immune Engineering have developed vaccines that are thermally stable and can be transported to remote areas worldwide, where ultra-low temperature freezers are not accessible. Nicole Steinmetz, P

VR Paves Novel Opportunity In Medical Sector By Combating Anxiety And Pain

Innovative virtual reality technologyholdspromise in reducing anxiety and pain among children due to the fear of surgical procedures. One study found thatvirtual reality induced a hypnotic state, which helped to manage post-operative anxiety and pain in juveniles. The researchindicated that a novel virtual reality program could helpmanage cognitive stressby reorienting the programs display when a child changes lateral positions during medical procedures. As per the recent publication, Dr. Je

Upgraded EcoFlex- Robotic Hand Will Better Assist Differently Abled People

Neuroprosthetic is growing rapidly on commercial grounds by providing a wide range of movements to both minor and major deformities of the body but as we know this type of prosthesis can cost a person ten to thousands of dollars. Moreover, these types of prostheses use metals that can be a little uncomfortable to wear all the time especially when it is for some delicate part of your body but researchers at MIT in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao tong University came up with a comparative delic

Toyota Launches Collision Assistance App To Assist Drivers Post-Accident

Afurious crash between vehiclescan be an unfortunate and frightening experience. However, the stress post-collision can be eased by an exclusive assistance feature. Now, with the launch of asmartphone app, named Collision Assistance,Lexus and Toyota drivers can accessanew assistance serviceimmediatelyafteracollision, which is a practical tool, particularlyfor those who can easily handle anxiety.Collision Assistance, an instant support service,is now available for Lexus and Toyota drivers using

Temporary Pacemakers Can Soundly Dissolve In The Body Without Harming It

Wireless, transitory pacemakers unravel the fundamental limitations associated with the existing temporary devices. The innovative devices would potentially slash the operation costs, thereby improving patient outcomes. This novel gadget might revolutionize the surgically implanted temporary pacing technology. The components of the newly designed pacemaker are completely biocompatible. Therefore, the implant dissolvesautomatically in the body over the course of five to seven weeks without the

Tech Capable Of Regulating Cold Pools In Tropical Based Environments

The University of Washington team of researchers hasrecently cropped their research paper that aims to discerna remotely-piloted sailboat that has the ability to gather a wider range of data on cold air pools, or even pockets of colder air that usually form when rain evaporates below tropical storm clouds. These extremely hard to study phenomena are thought to have a broader sense of effects on tropical weather as the team notes. Atmospheric cold pools are cold air masses that flow in an outwa

Skin Electronics Developed From A Highly Conductive & Elastic Nanomembrane

Skin electronics are gadgets that can be used in a wide range of applications in the near future, including health monitoring, virtual reality, diagnosis, and human-machine interaction. A team of researchers at Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Seoul, has recently fabricated an innovative nanomembrane using a three-step float construction method. The initial step is to spread a composite solution on the waters surface, which is made up of metal nanowires, ethanol, and rubber-toluene solution.

Scientists Thought Of Reutilizing The Constituents Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

The domestic and commercial usage of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) has reached its peak. So far, these energy reservoirs are being used in a wide range of consumer electronics and automotive. Such extensive utilization has urged researchers and engineers to think of recycling and repurposing the constituent components of exhausted batteries. Elemental analysis and cell chemistry are the two key areas that are required to monitor recycling rates. Furthermore, the depleted LIBs comprise state-o

Scientists Identify The Hidden Bacterial Hair That Can Power Nature’s Electrical Grid

The Yale University researchers graduated their research to a new level as they have been able to identify a hair-like protein that serves as a sort of on-off switch that are responsible for forming the natures electric grids as a global web of bacteria-generated nanowires which are woven in an all-oxygen-less soil and deep ocean beds. The team quotes that this research is deeply aimed at identifying the previously hidden bacterial hair that have the functionality of the molecular switch that