Heatsinks Can Cost-Effectively Be Made More Sustainable

The NUST MISIS scientists seem to have successfully increased the production of industrial and electronic heatsinks by tenfold using their feasible method. Additionally, the cost of the starting material is also found to be reasonable. The researchers mixed, pressed, and sintered the components such as rubber and silicon carbide to produce the latest heatsinks. The new study published in the Polymers explains the necessity of heatsinks in operating devices. Heatsinks generally face issues incl

Green Chemistry: Biomass Can Now Be Converted Into Supreme Quality Coatings

Researchers from the University of Groningen along with AkzoNobel, a Dutch multinational company, developed a process that used light, oxygen, and UV light to transform biomass into a high-quality coating. In this process, a renewable source is combined with green chemistry with the goal of replacing petrochemical-based monomers such as acrylates, which are used as building blocks for resins, coatings, and paints. The coatings are present everywhere, from the paints on the walls to screen guar

Environmental DNA Tracing Forensic Technology Can Track Down Suspects

Recently, forensic science experts from Flinders University refined a counter-terrorism technique with the goal of tracking down the presence of any environment DNA present in the dust resting on shoes, clothing, baggage, or even a passport. The Flinders researchers developed a novel system that can trace the source of dust on any suspicious article and match it with the soil profile of any region. The dust study will help understand where the person of interest must have travelled. Current fo

Concrete Could Be Made More Sustainable Using Carrot Cement

Looking at the surging rate of constructions taking place in the city, the requirement of building material is bound to increase as there is a demand for high quality yet feasible concrete to develop structures such as towers, bridges, and dams. However, concrete is found to have a large environmental footprint due to constant carbon dioxide emissions from the production of cementwhich is its main constituent. Recently, a team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia are wor

There Is A New Flat Silicon Compound Coming Up For The Electronic Industry

The University of Bonn chemists haveproducedexceptionallyrare compounds. The most surprising part of the compound is that its central building block is made using silicon atom. In comparison to the usual compounds, this material is unique as the arrangement of the four bonding partners of the atom does not form a tetrahedron instead forms a flat trapezoidal like structure. However, concerning the energy arrangement is unfavorable yet the molecules are stable. The researchers are currently tryi

Natural Gas Burning Could get Cleaner With The Latest Catalyst

One of the cleanest traditional fossil fuel sources is natural gas as it is known to produce minimalistic amounts of pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is currently one of the major contributors of climate change and a potent greenhouse gas. However, recently researchers from the University of Illinois Chicagohave found the pollutants and greenhouse gases released by burning natural gas to be lowered using advanced catalysts that can reduce temperature at which methane present i

Microwave Oven Conditions Could Convert Raw Coal Powder Into Nano-Graphite

Researchers from University of Wyoming used glass containers, copper foil, and a traditional household microwave oven that crushed coal powder could be transformed into higher-value nano-graphite. This new study is a step toward finding an alternative use for Powder River Basin coalin Wyoming as currently the demand of coal for electricity generation is found to be declining owing to the climate change.The researchers gave a clear explanation of how they created a microwave ovenconditionto dev

Kombucha Tea Inspired Researchers To Develop Functional Materials

A team of engineers from Imperial College London and MIT have found a new method to developrobust, functional materials with the help of a mixture of bacteria and yeast that just like kombucha mother which is used to ferment tea.The engineers have named this mixture as symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Furthermore, the researchers were able to make cellulose embedded with enzymes that can perform a number of tasks such as tracing environmental pollutants. It was observed that th

Ginger Is The Latest Solution To Kiosk Autoimmune Diseases

Young people are nowadays using naturopathic medicine or herbal medicine. However, the evidence supporting this science is weak. Thus, the team from Michigan Medicine has decided to shed light on the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects of ginger as it is likely to become a popular herbal supplement for treating inflammatory diseases. The researchers have been able to find the presence of the primary bioactive compound, 6-gingerol, in the ginger root. This compound is anticipated to co

Neurofeedback Prosthetics Could Make An Amputee Feel His Legs To Be Lighter

The leg amputees generally find it difficult to use their prosthesis, despite the availability of the sophisticated prostheses. The major reason behind this is the weight of the prosthesis, despite the fact that the prosthetic legs are generally less than half the weight of a natural limb. The Professor Stanisa Raspopovic and his teamfrom the Department of Health Sciences and Technology have successfully found connecting the prostheses to the nervous system to likely help amputees to recognize