Gut Check Gets More Realistic Using The New Intestine Mimicking Device

Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University have discovered a new means toreplicate the conditions observed in intestines in order to understand the growth and progression rate of bacterial infections on a real-time basis.They successfully created a lab tool that easily mimics the human intestine and thereby provides the much needed evidence to gain better understanding of infectious diseases like diarrhea, amoebic infection, etc. According to bioengineer Jane Grande-Allen

Tiny Wireless Medical Device Could Help You Lose Weight

Obesity is currently one of the serious issues being faced on a global platform and the researchers are thus on a constant run to find a perfect solution to combat this condition. The most commonly used method is the gastric bypass surgery which people opt as a last option after their constant struggle with weight gain and health issues related to it. In this procedure, the stomach pouch is made smaller and the digestive tract is rerouted. However, the invasiveness and the prolonged recovery p

Stanford Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Vaccine For COVID-19

Researchers from the Stanford University had developed a vaccine for Ebola,HIV,and pandemic influenza just prior to the pandemic. After which the university labs had to be shut down due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and it is when the researchers shifted their focus on developing a vaccine againstSARS-CoV-2. Even though the coronavirus was out of their expertise, the lead researcher Peter S. Kim and his team managed to develop and test a promising vaccine candidate. The pr

New Class Of Molecules Could Actively Kill A Range Of Bacteria

Team from Wistar Institute has found a new class of compound that distinctively combine thereal-time rapid immune responsewith the antibiotic destroying of pan drug-resistant bacterial pathogens for directly attacking antimicrobial resistance (AMR). This study has been published in the Natureas there is an urgent need to fight AMR that is titled as a global public health threat by the World Health Organization (WHO).It is assumed that by 2050 the antibiotic-resistant infections could kill arou

Google Launches A Health App For Android Users

Google has recently launched a health app for the Android phones with the goal of helping carry out medical studies. The app named Google Health Studies works with the goal of providing medical studies on respiratory illnesses such as flu, COVID-19, and others. The basic use of the app is to alert if there are any respiratory symptoms in order to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of diseases. The app is designed to collect the demographic data including gender, age, race, an

Amazon Gets Smarter With Its New Smart Eye Wear

Amazon has recently developed Echo Frames that is just like another simple eyeglass integrated with speakers and microphones that helps one connect to music and also command Alexa. These glasses can be embedded with plastic lenses or prescription lenses. This new smart glass has a display added into the mix as well. Amazon generally uses minimal viable products that are easily available. Furthermore, the battery life and internal hardware of the smart glass are enough to enhance the commercial

Oxford’s New System Converts Carbon Dioxide Into Sustainable Jet Fuel

Scientists from the University of Oxford have made a very unique development as a step towardcreating clean energy. They basically are trying to convert carbon dioxide into jet fuel. This new invention can help reduce the fuel expenditure of the aviation industry and also reduce the impact on the environment by lowering the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The system functions by feeding carbon dioxide into the system and producing clean fuel. However, there is still more research requ

Our Own DNA Could Help Create Customized Vitamins

Currently, there are millions across the globe who are facing vitamin deficiency problems. Thus, the doctors have prescribed them to start taking vitamin supplements as per the requirement. The vitamin deficiencies in people are basically due to lack of particular nutrients in the diet. Researchers have tried using fruity gummies as a source of vitamins. However, when finding the right source of vitamins and other nutrients are not that simple. Everybody follows a different lifestyle and has d

Facebook Plans To Unveil A Brain-Reading Interface

The giant tech company, Facebook, is currently one of the last companies one wants to hear about. But, the company never seems to be stopping itself from working on new projects.The company is basically planning on creating a system that can help read ones thoughts using their personal data but also give the individual the complete responsibility of controlling the software with the help of their thoughts. This new neutral interface technology is anticipated to give the company its much needed

Researchers Find A Gene That Drives Brain Cancer Metastases

There are currently around 200,000 cancer patients who are being diagnosed with brain metastases on an annual basis but there are only few treatments available that can help stop the spread of brain cancer. The latest study published in the journal Cancer Cell by the researchers from the VCU Massey Cancer Center provide hope for new future therapies and also help enlighten more on YTHDF3 gene. According to researcher Suyun Huang, the higher expression of YTHDF3 is found to have a connection wi