New Wearable Sensors Could Help In Early Diagnosis Of Asymptomatic COVID-19

New rings that can generate temperature data to help to detect COVID-19 patients even if there are no signs of any symptoms are on the way to commercialize. The smart ring is a device that can be used as an illness indicator just like the thermometer for early diagnosis and prevention of spread of the disease. Additionally, the researchers from UC San Francisco and UC San Diego tested the smart ring for its accurate temperature detection purpose. In the journal Scientific Reports, the team pro

New Sense Integrated 3D Printable Fingers Modernize Soft Robotic Grippers

Robotics may have evolved and redefined majority of the industrial sectors but there still exists a huge bridge between humans and machines in the geriatric care and health. The current focus is to help robots to safely and carefully interact or manipulate with delicate objects, organisms and also to use new tactics to enhance their objective while making them softer and flexible. In robotics, the researchers are trying to make a safe and handy robotic gripper with human-like competencies. How

Microbubbles Can Help Deliver Drug To Targeted Cancer Site

The latest study has shown the use of microbubbles for carrying powerful cancer drugs in order to reach the specific targeted site of a tumor with the help of antibodies. The microbubbles are small spheres that half the size of the red blood cells and it is their size that has increased its use in transporting drugs to the specific locations inside the body. Moreover, the study published in the journal Theranostics, clearly explains the targeted microbubbles use of antibodies as a navigational

Electronic Amoeba Is The New Solution For Traveling Salesman Problem

The Hokkaido University and Amoeba Energy research team from Japan took inspiration from the single-celled amoeba to develop a computer analog that will help rapidly hunt down valid solution by overcoming the traveling salesman problem. The researchers believe that the new invention could be applicable in planning and scheduling in logistics and automation. It has been seen that the digital computers including supercomputers are unable to solve the intricate problems in small time as the candi

Tomato Could Be The Next Cure For Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers have recently developed a tomato enriched with nutrients and antioxidants that are likely to help deal with the Parkinsons disease drug. The newly developed tomatoes have L-DOPA which is a primary source in majority of the essential medicines. The genetically modified (GM) tomatoes are basically produced with the goal of making the pharmaceutical drugs accessible for restricted areas in the developing or underdeveloped nations. The people who have adverse side effects such as behav

Study Shows Food And Cognitive Decline &Improvement To Be Interconnected

The food is found to have a huge impact on the cognitive skills. According to the researchers from the Iowa State University, they published a study in theJournal of Alzheimers Disease wherein the researchers found specific foods to play an important role in improving the cognitive acuity later in life. The in-depth genetic and health information coupled with large biomedical database helped analyze importance of food and also the role of food in reducing the impacts of certain common or life-

Researchers Are Looking For Chemistry Of Origin Of Life

Recently, a team has started a research on the chemical origins of life using a new method for studying the characteristic patterns of DNA. As per the study, the researchers have found DNA base pairs to form by dry heating devoid of water or other solvents. Ernest Mestrovic from the pharmaceutical company Xellia along with the research team led by Ivan Halasz from the Rudjer Boskovic Institute presents details about DESYs X-ray source PETRA III in the journal Chemical Communications.Moreover,

New Synthetic Analog Of A Psychedelic Drug Can Treat Depression & Addiction

A team from the University of California has found a non-hallucinogenic version of a psychedelic drug named ibogaine to possess the ability to treat addiction, depression, and other mental illnesses. The researchers have published the effect of ibogaine on the psychiatric disordersin Nature. Earlier studies have already proved the strength of psychedelics as they are found to directly have an impact on the brain. According to lead researcher David Olson, there are still more facts to be discov

A Specific Protein Can Help Restore Muscle Strength And Mass

Researchers have recently found that blocking a specific protein for a month can help regain the mass and strength in the animals just like in the mice models. The researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have found that increasing the expression of the protein can weaken or cause muscle atrophy. The need for a better treatment to strengthen muscle fibers is important as humans tend to lose about 10% of their muscle strength per decade after about age 50. It is for the first

A New Polymer Is A Better Option For Making Electronic Skin Electrodes

Researchers have recently developed electronic skin that can very well attach to the body and also monitor majority of the vital signs. The newly engineered electronic skin is breathable, comfortable as well as flexible from the daily use point of view. In case of electrodes for conducting electric signals for various applications, gold is the metal that is usually preferred but its cost, sterilization before use in humans, and complicated manufacturing process makes its use skeptical. However