Lebanese Locals Have To Pay For The Internet Voice Calls

From now, residents in a Middle East country, Lebanon, have to think twice before conducting an internet call. The Lebanese government has decided to implement a daily fee of 20 cents for VoIP calls on WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio, and other similar platforms. The government has been facing a shortage of fundsand declared an economic emergency to eliminate debts secure funds. The government has identified internet-calling charges as an effective approach to secure an estimated amount of $200 Milli

LED Light-Induced Technology Could Help Study Effectiveness Of Chemotherapy

Almost 60% of the cancer patients are seen to not respond to effectively to chemotherapy treatments. More worse, many of them experience toxic or deadly side effects. Recently a team of researchers from Purdue University developed a technique wherein the use of a simple LED light can help check if the chemotherapy options are suitable for the patients. The latest study published in the Scientific Reports shows the Doppler radar kind of technique to aid in advancing personalized medicine. The L

Liquid Nanofoam Liner In Helmets Can Reduce The Impact Of Collision

A new development that is a liquid nanofoam liner is currently in the testing phase as it is believed to increase the safety of football helmets. The researchers from Michigan State University have found that the helmets tend to face impacts grave enough to lead to concussion. Currently, the helmets being produced have their safety compromised in terms of looks. According to lead researcher Weiyi Lu, the liquid nanofoam material could enhance the safety of helmets owing to its tiny nanopores.T

Vehicle Fuel Economy Could Be Enhanced Using Kraft Lignin

The increasing global climate warming has urged the researchers to work toward reducing the use of fuels on a daily basis. It is thus believed that by lowering the weight of the vehicles the use of fuels could be reduced as the requirement of power and money will also be lessened. In the Chemical Engineering Journal, the team from Kanazawa University chemically transformed an industrial waste product in order to process it into lightweight structural material. It is thus believed the new inven

Researchers Develop Spongy Calcite Using Mussel Shells

A new sponge using calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which is generally found in chalk, marble,limestone,and the shells of mussels other shellfish, has been developed by a team from Memorial University Newfoundland. Generally, majority of the calcium carbonate are hard minerals but the new form is absorbent and soft. In the journal Matter, the researchers, reported their exploration of leftover mussel shells for new application. In addition some of the locals working in the aquaculture industry in C

Newly Designed Resins Could Make Light-Based 3D Printing Possible

Researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have activated the cross-linking of 3D printed polymer networks with the goal of developing novel functional resins for light-based 3D printing methods such as volumetric additive manufacturing (VAM)and two-photon lithography (TPL).With the help of molecular dynamics simulations, the microscopic, kinetics, and topology of the 3 different molecules using acrylate with same reactive group but different nonreactive group is possible.

New Wearable Gas Sensors Can Detect Human Biomarkers And Toxic Gas

The wearable gas sensors could be advanced through the development of new understanding toward nanomaterialsandsensor fabrication approaches in order tostudy gaseous biomarkers in humans toxic gas in the surroundings. As per the Penn State researchers, the latest gas-detecting stretchable sensors is predicted to aid in identifying gaseous biomarkers in humans by examining the metabolic process using skin perspiration or exhaled breath and also detect harmful or toxic gasses in surroundings ar

New Authentication Technique Can Help Wine Industry Save Millions

A team from University of Adelaide has developed a fast and simple technique of authenticating wine. The new technique can help the billions of dollars of fraud taking place in the wine industry across the globe. Furthermore, there are possibilities that new regional branding could also gradually develop in the long run. The researchers were able to find the origin of wine to be Australia and France with the help of molecular fingerprinting that uses fluorescence spectroscopy to analyze the mo

Hydrogen Sulfide Inhibition Might Help Control Breathing Pattern

Controlling the breathing pattern in majority of the mammalian processes can help in metabolic regulation, energy production, and even speech. Researchers have recently found the production of hydrogen sulfide in the body is important to create a normal breathing pattern that in turn can potential lead to new treatments for people having breathing disorders such as central sleep apnea.However, it has been found that exposure to extreme levels of hydrogen sulfide is very harmful to mammalian he

Ginseng Root Bacterium Compound Is The New Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease

A specific bacterium surrounding the roots of ginseng plants is found to offer a new scope for the cure of Alzheimers disease. The researchers have recently published the new finding that rhizolutin is a newgroup of compounds having a tricyclic framewith a property ofexpressivelyseparating the protein aggregates linked with Alzheimers disease both in vitroand in vivo.As penned downin the journal Angewandte Chemie, the researchers explain the complex ecosystem that exists around the roots of pl