Fast MRI Is Highly Sensitive Compared To Traditionally Used Mammograms

Currently, the increasing cases of breast cancer has encouraged the researchers to look for new alternative that can help easily detect dense breasts as there are certain cancers that the mammography is not sensitive enough to detect. In a few cases, there is a need for abbreviated magnetic resonance imaging, which is commonly known as fast MRI or AB-MR) as the time mammogram takes spot the cancer is already a little late.This new technology is able to precisely detect the presence of cancer i

Intelligent Camera Might Help Enhance Image And Video Processing

For better image and video processing, the researchers have used intelligent cameras. They consider this smart technology to be the next milestone in the field of camera technology. Researchers from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitt Erlangen-Nrnberg (FAU) havecreated a smart/intelligent camera that is able to providehigh spatial, temporal, and spectral resolution. This new camera is likely to have wider applications such as improving environmental security and resource conservation measures a

New Food Safety Testing Method Will Help Reduce Seafood Spoilage

Recently, a team of researchers from Flinders University led by Professor Jian Qin and his coworker Professor Youhong Tang have developed a device that is not only simple but also commercially practical product. Furthermore, this device is projected to ensure instantaneouschecking of spoilage in seafood with the goal of maintaining food safety for consumers.The researchers believe that this new device is a cost saver and consumer safety measuring product for the seafood industry or the retaile

New Approach Turns Shell/Wood Waste Into Nutritional Supplements Or Drugs

The landfills are usually filled with the shells of crustaceans and wood waste such as branches cut from trees. These waste materials could be used to make nutritional supplements and medicine through a new process developed by the National University of Singapore (NUS) researchers. The research team developed a new method to convert the shells of prawns and crabs into L-DOPA, which is a drug used for the treatment of Parkinsons disease. This same method could also be used to transform wood wa

New Anti-Cancer Drug Could Help Inhibit Rapid Proliferation Of Cancer Cells

The Moscow scientists have discovered and very well explained the mechanism of the latest anti-cancer molecule named diphenylisoxazole. This new drug is found to help combat human cancer cells. Thus, the new study published in the journal Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry Lettershas made the possibilities of developing an affordable cancer drug highly possible. The cells in our body have microtubules and filaments that form a cytoskeleton, thereby giving cells a rigid shape. The microtubules are

New AI Technology Helps Match Tumors To The Best Known Drugs Combo

It has been found that approximately 4% of the cancer therapeutic drugs that are under development earn approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The current issue is the combination of certain drugs for the patients in a smart way. According to ProfessorTrey Ideker from University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center, for cancer predicting which drug will be effective, unique, and attack the complex core workings of a tumor tissue is almost imposs

Nature-Inspired Technology Provides A New Breakthrough For Mobile Phones

Recently, a team from Polytechnique Montral has developed a unbreakable bouncing phone using additive that absorbs up to 96% of impact energy. The latest finding published in Cell Reports Physical Sciencejournal provides details about an innovation that helps make unbreakable plastic coverings. According to Professors Frdrick Gosselin Daniel Therriault and Shibo Zou, the plastic webbing integrated into a glass pane is projected to help avoid the breaking on impact. Even though the plastic web

NASA Introduces A Small Satellite,RamanSat 2, Designed By Indian Student

NASA launched a miniature satellite, RamanSat 2, manufactured by a 17-year-old Indian student, AabhaasSikka. He created 64cm3 of the tiny satellite during his training period with SPACE-India organization.SachinBahmbaCMD and Founder of SPACE Groupand his research team supported AabhaasSikka in designing the remarkable miniature device.The satellite is equipped with contemporary apparatus dedicated to measuring the radiation from the space and sun. The testingconsiders making space exploration

Madison Green Cabs Replace A Fleet Of Hybrid Vehicles With Tesla Model 3

Madison Green Cabsa ride-hailing services provider operating a fleet of 40 hybrid vehicles, specifically Toyota Priushas decided to go all-electric by substituting the hybrid vehicles with purely electric vehicles.The taxi services provider has collaborated with Zerology to accomplish its planned decision of replacing Toyota Prius with the Tesla Model 3.Madison Green Cabs is not only engaged in supporting the environment but also managing the expenses by eliminating the cost spent on costly ga

Physical Inactivity For Short Durations Is Dangerous To Health

Adults are recommended to perform a moderately intense workout for at least 150 Minutes or vigorous activity for at least 75 minutes every week. However, through a recent study, it has been established that one in four adults are lazy.Many of us prefer drivingover walking to reach our respective workplaces dailyand the people with desk jobs are dedicated enough in their work that they rarely get up from their allotted cubics except for drinking, eating, and visiting the bathroom.Such work stre