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Market Analysis of Citral Industry in China 2018-2022

Jun-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 40 | Code : MRS-284669 | 3500

At present, the major domestic citral production enterprises are mainly Shandong NHU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with a production of about 10,000t/a, accounting for 80% of the entire market. In 2017, China's citral production was over 12 thousand tonnes, an increase of around 5%. The downstream industry of citral is mainly used in pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and fragrances, vitamin manufacturing and other industries. In 2017, the demand for citral in China was about 18,000 tonnes, Read more

Market Analysis of Electronic Connectors Industry in China 2018-2022

Oct-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 50 | Code : MRS-284668 | 3500

On international market, connector industry is an industry with market globalization and work specialization characteristics. In connectors manufacturing industry, top connector manufactures who captured most market shares are come from Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan. As the function of electronic products becomes more diversified and design becomes modularized, electronic connector plays an increasingly important role in electronic products. With downstream markets such as automotive, Read more

Market Research on Stevioside in China 2018-2022

Aug-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 45 | Code : MRS-284667 | 3500

Stevioside is the main sweetener with rebaudioside A, found in the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, a plant originating in South America. Dried leaf, as well as aqueous extracts, has been used for decades as a sweetener in many countries, notably in Latin America and Asia (Japan, China). Especially in Asia, South America and the US, stevioside is largely used in food manufacturing. In 2016, about 3,000 kinds of products containing stevioside were newly introduced. Although stevioside has a lon Read more

Market Research on Lycopene in China 2018-2022

Aug-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 47 | Code : MRS-284666 | 3500

In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to lycopene, contributing to the increasing level of the industrial technology and the rising number of enterprises entering into the industry. Therefore, the industrial capacity and output has remained a stable growth. From 2012 to 2016, the compound annual growth rate of lycopene output is around 14% in China. In 2016, the output increased to more than 280 tonnes. For that lycopene has functions like cancer prevention, research and Read more

Market Research on Methenamine in China 2018-2022

Aug-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 63 | Code : MRS-284665 | 3500

Methenamine industry started relatively late in China and most manufacturers are of small scale and their equipment and techniques are outdated, causing high cost and low operating rate. During the 11th five-year period, along with fast development of resin and plastics industries, as well as glyphosate, which have further pulled the demand for methenamine. Meanwhile, methenamine becomes more applied in other fields and some enterprises plan to start production lines. In 2012, output growth Read more

Market Research on Olive Oil in China 2018-2022

Aug-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 62 | Code : MRS-284664 | 3500

Olive oil production is concentrated in countries along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria and Morocco, and olive oil produced by the seven countries takes 90% of the total output. Spain, Italy and Greece are the three major producers and exporters of olive oil. China has planted olive since 1960s. In 2016, world output of olive oil was about 2.6 million tonnes, falling by 18%. And the consumption represented 2.8 million tonnes, fallin Read more

Market Research on PET Sheet in China 2018-2022

Aug-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 48 | Code : MRS-284663 | 3500

In China, large-sized state-owned manufacturers of PET sheets represent a small number, which produce PET sheets as their sideline. Professional manufacturers of the sheet are most of medium- and small-sized privately-operated companies which invest relatively less in scientific researches and have weak development ability, leading to their little products of high-tech content and high added value. Since people become more aware of environment protection and the demand for high quality pack Read more

Market Research on Aseptic Package in China 2018-2022

Jul-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 48 | Code : MRS-284662 | 3500

From the perspective of aseptic package’s sales volume, the Western Europe (including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Portuguesa, Spain, Swiss and UK) is the largest market, for that UHT mike is popular in countries like Spain and France. And China is the largest market as a single country. In 2013, sales of aseptic packages grew rapidly in China. From 2014 to 2016, due to slowly increasing market demand, speed of aseptic package’s sales dec Read more

Market Research on Pre-coated Adhesive Film in China 2018-2022

Jul-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 48 | Code : MRS-284661 | 3500

Pre-coated adhesive film industry started late in China and manufacturers are generally of small scale. Kangdexin Composite Material Group, listed on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is the world largest pre-coated adhesive film manufacturer. In 2016, Kangdexin Composite Material Group’s output of pre-coated adhesive films ranked the highest in China. The company has established ten production lines for the product. In 2016, output of the film in China was a Read more

Market Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle in China 2018-2022

Jul-2018 | ASKCI Consulting Co., Ltd | Pages : 58 | Code : MRS-284660 | 3500

In the global fuel cell vehicle industry, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the US are in the lead. In 2016, breakthrough has been achieved in the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, register of which accounted for over 23 million, rising by more than 200% compared to the amount in 2015 and taking a small percentage in the sales of new energy vehicles. And most hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sold in 2016 are made by Toyota. So far, China has developed more than 200 fuel cell vehicl Read more

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