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Aligning packaging innovation with consumer trends in food - the impact of current and future behaviors in packaging

Published: Jan-2015 | Format: PDF | Canadean | Number of pages: 75 | Code: MRS - 3182

“Aligning packaging innovation with consumer trends in food the impact of current and future behaviors in packaging” provides detailed insight into new opportunities in food packaging in both developing and developed countries. The evolution of consumption habits across the world means both retailers and manufacturers need a renewed understanding of consumers' consumption habits, and how this will affect their product choices. To do this, the report highlights innovative new product development for effectively targeting consumers' most important needs through packaging innovation, and offers strategic recommendations to capitalize on the evolving motivations driving consumption.


Key Findings


The popularity of Glass packaging is declining, as Rigid Plastics and Flexible Packaging are being used to lower costs, even for luxury foods
Manufacturers need to make sure product packaging is easy to open yet protects the food it houses
Manufacturers can adapt different packaging strategies to target consumers at different stages of their life
A simple, transparent packaging design allows the consumer to assess quality and build trust with the product at the purchasing stage
Manufacturers are encouraging consumers to share and socialise, with their products being a center-piece of enjoyment




“Aligning packaging innovation with consumer trends in food the impact of current and future behaviors in packaging” shows how consumer behavior is evolving and this will open up new opportunities in the packaging market. This includes a more holistic understanding of consumer trends and the role packaging can play in meeting these needs, the continuing influence these needs have on changing consumption habits, and how new packaging innovations will play in consumers' food choices.


In particular, this report includes:


Identification of the key consumer motivations driving consumption of food on a global scale, with a detailed insight into how these motivations can shape new packaging innovations to further meet consumers' varying needs
In addition, the report identifies which trends are the most influential in consumption habits across the globe and whether food packaging has successfully aligned with these needs to encourage consumption
The evolution of consumer need states will create opportunities for marketers in four areas: evolving meal times, managing living costs, indulgence, and health. The report explores the consumer behavior underpinning these trends, highlights innovative product development driven by these evolving consumer needs, and provides actionable insights for marketers to better position their products to meet these trends


Reasins to Buy


This report provides actionable insight into new opportunities emerging in food packaging by bringing together consumer analysis and case studies
This is based on Canadean's unique consumer data, developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, which quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations in three Prepared Meals categories
Understanding these trends, and how the most innovative marketers are seeking to target them, will allow marketing tactics and strategy to be updated in line with the very latest consumer behaviors


Key Highlights




Table of Content


Executive summary
Sources and methodology
Overview of Canadean's consumer trend framework and the packaging market
Canadean's consumer trend framework provides opportunities for packaging manufacturers 
Primary drivers
Secondary drivers
Niche drivers


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